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Civil Bench and Jury Trials in State Courts, 2005



  Statistics about —

  Crime & victims
     Criminal victimization
     Crime characteristics
     Victim characteristics
     Incident-based statistics

Key Facts at a Glance

Law enforcement Law enforcement
     State and local

 Special topics
     Drugs and crime
     Deaths in Custody
     Homicide trends
     Reentry trends
     Intimate Partner Violence



Federal justice

Criminal offenders Criminal offenders

Expenditure and Employment Justice system
       sequence of events

Courts & sentencing
     Pretrial release
       and detention
     Criminal case processing
     Criminal sentencing
     Civil justice
     Court organization
     Indigent defense

Expenditure and Employment Expenditure &

     Probation and parole
     Capital punishment

Criminal record systems

      Justice Statistics Improvement
      National Criminal History
         Improvement Program
      NICS Improvement Amendments

What's new
- Deaths In Custody...Statistical Tables 10/08
- Census of ... Correctional Facilities... 10/08
- Federal Justice Statistics, 2005..., 9/08
- Federal Justice Statistics...Statistical Tables, 9/08
- Cybercrime against..., 9/08
- Civil Rights Complaints ..., 8/08

- Criminal Victimization...Statistical Tables..., 8/08
- More......
Data for analysis

- Data Online
- Spreadsheets
- Datasets and codebooks

Data from other sources

- FBI's Uniform Crime Reports
- Juvenile justice statistics
- FedStats
- Social Statistics Briefing Room

BJS Data quality guidelines
BJS Statistical principles and practices
Sourcebook of
Criminal Justice Statistics
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