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Having a Successful Physical Activity Event

VERB is a national, multicultural campaign that encourages tweens to be physically active every day. The VERB campaign uses a combination of paid advertising, school and community promotions, and the Internet to promote physical activity as cool, fun, and a way to have a good time with friends. The successful, five year campaign began in 2001 and comes to a close in 2006.

The VERB brand was launched to get kids in America active and 'off the couch' by embracing positive physical activity. We have surrounded kids with VERB messaging and communications making this a genuine movement that has resulted in positive health behavior among our young people.

VERB is found in:

  • Advertising: TV, print, & radio
  • Schools
  • Community-based organizations
  • Web
  • Local communities

A verb usually connotes action, and that’s exactly what VERB is about – getting tweens physically active. VERB motivates every tween, not just the athletic ones, to find their verb. It is about getting up and moving.

The campaign inspires tweens to increase physical activity. It provides opportunities for them to add activity into their lives and provides ideas and resources to help tweens find ways to get active.

VERB seeks to change how tweens think about physical activity by emphasizing its fun aspects. It encourages them to find new activities and to incorporate fun physical activity into their everyday lifestyles.

Page last reviewed: August 1, 2007
Page last modified: August 1, 2007
Content source: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Adolescent and School Health 

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