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Entrez Gene is a searchable database of genes, from RefSeq genomes, and defined by sequence and/or located in the NCBI Map Viewer
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free text human muscular dystrophy
partial name and multiple species transporter[title] AND ("Drosophila melanogaster"[orgn] OR "Mus musculus"[orgn])
chromosome and symbol (II[chr] OR 2[chr]) AND adh*[sym]
associated sequence accession number M11313[accn]
gene name (symbol) BRCA1[sym]
publication (PubMed ID) 11331580[PMID]
Gene Ontology (GO) terms or identifiers "cell adhesion"[GO]
Genes with variants of clinical significance (under development) gene_snp_clin[filter]
chromosome and species Y[CHR] AND human[ORGN]
Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers[EC]
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