Ofelia's Biography


"Dream" Job
Cowhand and American Dreamer...loves to dream and tell others about the White House Dream Team, a collection of American heroes.

Ranch in Crawford, Texas

President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush

Ofelia, Ellie and Logan are named after staff members who worked for the President when he was Governor of Texas.

Ellie and Logan

A Story about Longhorns by Ofelia
I have two calves. One is named Ellie. She's really cute. The other is Logan, and he's a handsome young bull. Ellie's a mother now. Her daughter is as pretty as a wildflower. My owner named my family after some members of his staff. I'm proud of my offspring. They are both white with short horns. As they grow, they will develop black spots and grow long horns like me.

My ancestors, the longhorns, came from Spain and England. Their long legs and hard hoofs were ideal for blazing the cattle trail. Cowboys in the 1870s and 1880s drove some of my ancestors to market. Others stayed on the open plains to graze. But when barbed wire fences sprouted across the Texas plains, roaming the open range ended. Soon, other cows were more popular to breed, and longhorns almost became extinct.

Then, some smart men put together a herd of longhorns on a preserve in South Texas. Ranchers discovered how hearty and resistant to disease we are, and my breed was saved. I love to spend time dreaming, and like my owner, I hope you will dare to dream big dreams. There are many Americans who dreamed big dreams. Meet the White House Dream Team

Photo of Ofelia, the longhorn
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Picture of a cowboy boot Sport
Grazing the pasture and daydreaming


Book if she could read
What a Wonderful Day to Be a Cow by Carolyn Lesser and Melissa Bay Mathis

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