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Biographies of the administrator, deputy administrator, and other top agency officials.

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Astronaut in EVA Suit
NASA Astronauts

Learn about the men and women who travel to space on journeys of exploration and discovery.

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On NASA's Team Until the Final Inning


When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration came into being in 1958, Richard Cavicchi already had 14 years of service with the federal government.

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It Began Because He Was Crazy About Airplanes

Roy Harris.

On a Saturday in late May in 1958, Roy Harris graduated from Georgia Tech. A Saturday later, he got married. Two Saturdays after that, he and his new bride rented a small trailer, loaded it and drove ...

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Astronauts To Vote From Space

Astronauts Greg Chamitoff and Mike Fincke

This Nov. 4, few ballots will have traveled as far as those cast by two NASA astronauts.

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  • Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.

    Sachs Lays Out Another Mission for NASA

    When Jeffrey Sachs speaks of poverty, he's not talking about a hungry waif in New York or a homeless person in Chicago.

  • Norm Crabill.

    From Taxidriver to Virginia's Aeronautics Hall of Fame

    A freshly minted engineer from Catholic University was looking for a job in a new field when he first came to Langley Research Center. Norm Crabill had seen a helicopter land in Washington, D.C., and decided that he wanted to work on those new flying machines.

  • Bernhard Anderson

    Tools of the Trade

    Bernhard Anderson began his career using a slide rule. Today this engineer utilizes sophisticated computer software to help NASA discover new approaches to achieving technology breakthroughs.

  • Astronaut Ellen Ochoa

    Ochoa Honored as Hispanic 2008 Engineer of the Year

    Johnson Space Center Deputy Director Ellen Ochoa has been chosen as the first woman to receive the Engineer of the Year award by the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference.

  • Kenneth Reightler.

    Reightler: Human Space Exploration Is Man's Destiny

    When President John F. Kennedy pitched to send Americans to the moon, he said, "We go ? not because it's easy, but because it's hard." It's still hard, said Ken Reightler to a colloquium audience at NASA Langley on Tuesday.

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