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Cape Verde in approximate true color

Latest from NASA's spacecraft exploring the red planet.

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On the Final Frontier
Cassini at Saturn

Unlocking the secrets of the ringed giant and its moons

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Comet Tempel 1 Nucleus Shape Model
Science Mission Directorate

NASA uses orbiting observers and robotic landers to investigate the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids of our Solar System.

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NASA's Phoenix Mission Faces Survival Challenges

Full-Circle Color Panorama of Phoenix Landing Site on Northern Mars

Phoenix, with its solar-electric power shrinking due to shorter daylight hours and a dust storm, did not respond to an orbiter's attempt to communicate with it Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

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Cassini to Swing Past Enceladus

Enceladus blog

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will fly by Saturn's moon Enceladus on Fri., Oct. 31. Join mission members as they blog about the upcoming enoounter.

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NASA's Phoenix Mission Faces Survival Challenges

Artist's depiction of the spacecraft fully deployed on the surface of Mars.

NASA'S Phoenix Mars Lander entered safe mode late yesterday in response to a low-power fault brought on by deteriorating weather conditions.

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  • IBEX Multimedia

    A collection of videos, animations and still images, including high resolution downloads.

  • The Boundaries of Our Solar System

    There are several boundaries at the edge of our solar system. The IBEX mission will study these boundaries to help us understand how they protect life on Earth and astronauts in space from the galactic cosmic rays coming from interstellar space. In this video you will find out what the boundaries of our solar system are.