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X-48B Blended Wing Body
Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate

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D-558-2 is launched from the B-29 mothership.
NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery

X-planes from the 1940s to today.

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Distinguished by its large nose payload bay, NASA's Ikhana unmanned aircraft does an engine run prior to takeoff from General Atomics' Grey Butte airfield.
Current Aircraft

Photos of aircraft flying at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

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Latest Features

It Began Because He Was Crazy About Airplanes

Roy Harris.

On a Saturday in late May in 1958, Roy Harris graduated from Georgia Tech. A Saturday later, he got married. Two Saturdays after that, he and his new bride rented a small trailer, loaded it and drove ...

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NASA and Gulfstream Flying in High Def

Pilot Tom Horne readies to fly an External Vision System from an F-18.

NASA is partnering with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. on a project that could aid visibility for pilots of future supersonic business jets.

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Marking 61 Years of Supersonic Curiosity

The Bell X-1 in flight.

Sixty-one years after a sonic boom first rolled across the roof of the high desert in southern California, there are still things yet to be discovered about supersonic flight.

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  • Colorful balloons light up for the Balloon Glow event at the International Balloon Fiesta as the moon peeks from behind the clouds.

    Aeronautics, Space Science on Exhibit at Balloon Fest

    So what do some of the 800,000 fans of the Albuquerque, N.M., Balloon Fiesta events do when the action is over, out of sight, or called off due to weather? They head to exhibits such as NASA's, available through Oct. 12.

  • F-5D aircraft

    NASA 50th Anniversary: Where Are They Now?

    Want to know where you can see some of the most famous, cutting-edge aerospace vehicles ever flown?

  • Marr kneels beside UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter hub hardware

    A Model Internship

    Winning an internship contest gave Conor Marr the opportunity to simulate helicopter dynamics at NASA.

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  • HYBOLT-SOAREX launch

    Team to Investigate Launch Failure

    The booster carrying NASA's Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition (HYBOLT) and Sub-Orbital Aerodynamic Re-entry Experiments (SOAREX) had to be destroyed shortly after liftoff Aug. 22.

  • Chad Sindaco with daughter, Ava.

    National Aviation Day Highlights the Future of Flight

    In the Visitors' Center, author and historian Tom Crouch stood in front of a replica of the Wright Brothers original plane and told an assembly the story of the beginning of manned flight.

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