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Welcome to the Office of Management and Budget’s Freedom of Information Act Home Page. This page was created in accordance with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments (EFOIA) of 1996. This page provides basic instructions on obtaining information through the FOIA. Specific guidance on filing a FOIA request can be found in OMB’s “Public Handbook for Gaining Access to OMB Information.”

When submitting a FOIA request to OMB, the requestor should state the request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act, the request should be as specific as possible in identifying requested records, and the requestor should include their name, address and phone number.

To save you both time and money, please review the documents currently available on the OMB Home Page and the Reading room before submitting a request.

In addition, many documents may be ordered or downloaded from the United States Government Printing Office Web site.

OMB’s FOIA Regulations