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Employment Cost Index

October 31, 2008
Total compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.7 percent, seasonally adjusted, from June to September 2008, the same as the increase in the previous two quarters. For the year ended September 2008, compensation costs rose 2.9 percent. The 12-month increase for September 2007 was 3.3 percent. Full Text »

Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment (Monthly)

October 29, 2008
Unemployment rates were higher in September than a year earlier in 349 of the 369 metropolitan areas, lower in 14 areas, and unchanged in 6 areas. Among the 310 metropolitan areas for which nonfarm payroll data were available in September, 140 areas reported over-the-year employment gains, 164 reported losses, and 6 had no change. Full Text »

The Editor's Desk

Women’s earnings by occupation in 2007

October 31, 2008
Women working full time in management, business, and financial operations occupations had median weekly earnings of $908 in 2007, more than women earned in any other major occupational category. Full Text »

Program Perspectives

Health BenefitsOn Health Benefits

This inaugural issue of "Program Perspectives" shows you trends in employer costs for health benefits. The latest data on access, participation, and premiums are also included.

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