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What gets measured gets done. With the
E-Government initiatives maturing and reaching full deployment, our attention is increasingly on initiative performance and delivery of results…

On December 18, 2006, OMB posted performance information on 18 e-Gov Initiatives. Our purpose was to provide insight into the progress of these Initiatives in 3 key dimensions:

  • Adoption/Participation – The degree to which the relevant community (agencies, bureaus, other organizations) participates in the initiative. Participation is demonstrated by contribution of information, involvement in governance, etc.
  • Usage – The level of use by the targeted end user
  • Customer Satisfaction – End user satisfaction with the initiative’s products and/or services

Recently, OMB enhanced the site with the following improvements:

  • Updated current performance and provided targets for the original 18 Initiatives. Targets were based on previously published targets, data trends, anticipated impact of Initiative activities, and where appropriate and available, public and private sector benchmarks
  • Added additional metrics for those Initiatives whose objectives were not sufficiently captured within the 3 performance dimensions above. These metrics fell into 2 additional performance dimensions:
    • Cost Savings/Avoidance – The degree to which the Initiative results in cost savings, cost avoidance, and reduction in burden from both a government and citizenry perspective
    • Efficiency – The degree to which the Initiative results in process improvements such as a decrease in time and/or an increase in productivity
  • Added metrics and baseline information for 5 additional e-Gov Initiatives and 3 Lines of Business.

Each Initiative can be seen through 2 views:

  • Summary view – provides metric name, current performance, period of performance, FY07 target, and description/context.
  • Category view – organizes metrics by performance dimension; includes metric name, current performance, period of performance, FY07 target, FY08 target, targeted outcome (long term performance goal), and description/context. This view also includes entries on past performance.