Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workforce
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Substance Abuse Information Database

SAID provides information about and access to hundreds of documents and resources that may assist employers and others to learn about workplace substance abuse issues and develop drug-free workplace programs. Examples of items cataloged in SAID include sample policies, research reports, training and educational materials, and legal and regulatory information.

To access items in The Substance Abuse Information Database (SAID), you can either:

  • Search, by entering information into one or more fields in order to locate particular documents; or
  • Browse, by viewing all documents in certain categories, such as title, topic, author, item number, language and format.

Either way, once you select an item, you will come to a screen that provides a brief summary and descriptive information about a particular document. Then, if desired, you can read an abstract of the document or obtain its full text, when available. When the full text is accessible, it is often in the form of a link or PDF file. In the event the full text is not accessible through SAID, instructions on how to obtain it elsewhere are provided.

If you encounter difficulty finding documents or would like to suggest a document to be included in SAID, please write to to


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