Lynne Cheney
Lynne V. Cheney is the wife of Vice President Richard B. Cheney.


August 14, 1941


Casper, Wyoming


Wayne Vincent, an engineer
Edna Vincent, deputy sheriff


Two brothers: Mark and Leon

Elementary School

Park Elementary School and McKinley Elementary School in Casper, Wyoming

Favorite Teacher

Miss Shidler

Favorite Subject in School


Childhood Activities

Competitive games such as dodge ball and spelling bees


Colorado College, Bachelor of Arts, major in English

Graduate School

University of Colorado, Master of Arts, studied Irish poet William Butler Yeats
University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. studied English poet Matthew Arnold

Career and Public Service

Columnist and author of five books
Co-host of Crossfire Sunday
Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute


As Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Mrs. Cheney was a national spokesperson for education reform. She issued numerous reports advocating historical literacy and recommending the teaching of core knowledge in all fields of learning, from literature to science, and mathematics. She also served on Texas Governor George W. Bush's education team and on an advisory group that revised Texas standards for the study of history. Mrs. Cheney has written and spoken widely on the need for high standards for all students and for tests that will show whether these standards are being achieved.

Dream for Children

Mrs. Cheney's hope is that all children will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities this country offers.

Brain Challenge

Where did Mrs. Cheney spend her childhood?
Mrs. Cheney's mother held an interesting job. What was it?
How many degrees does Mrs. Cheney have?
What organization did Mrs. Cheney chair?
What television program did Mrs. Cheney host?

Challenge Question:

To complete her master's degree and her Ph.D., Mrs. Cheney studied two scholars who were known for what type of literature?

Share your answers with a parent, teacher or other adult.

Mrs. Cheney

Mrs. Lynne Cheney

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