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Materials for Tweens

Make physical activity cool and fun for tweens, encouraging them to keep moving every day. Download activity ideas and VERB resources for use with tweens in your classes, programs, and clubs.


Get tweens moving with this action-packed promotional program for schools and community organizations that offers special rewards and recognition for being physically active.

Download YELLOWBALL Materials for:

image of flying discVERB MAKE IT UP

Keeping children interested and motivated to be physically active can be a challenge. The VERB Make It Up kit is designed to help you develop a child's imagination as they participate in physical activities. The kit includes new ideas for games to play in your community-based organization or recreational facility.

Image of Verb Crossover Poster VERB Crossover

Cross basketball with other sports and activities, and what do you get? VERB Crossover for Community-based Organizations, that’s what! Download this kit to get your tween participants started inventing and playing amazing new games.

Download Crossover Materials for:

VERB Play Without Borders Kit

Image: Play without borders coverTeachers, discover a world of play for your classroom. Your middle school students can check out popular games from around the world and discover new ways to play.

VERB Play Without Borders Kit also available in HTML


Anytime Doubletime LogoAnytime Doubletime

Encourage creativity in your community organization's physical activities for tweens. Your tweens can use their imagination and the VERB Anytime Doubletime materials to make two games into one. The more creative you get, the more fun the tweens in your community organization will have.

VERB Action Rewards Kit PosterVERB Action Rewards Kit

It can be a challenge to make physical activity fun. Create your own promotion to reward tween action by downloading VERB Action Rewards leader guidelines and poster.

VERB Action Rewards Kit also available in HTML


VERB Appreciation Day PosterVERB Appreciation Day Kit (pdf 120K)

Pick a VERB and have fun with it throughout the day to celebrate that action’s energy and possibilities. Plan activities that include the chosen VERB. For example, for "run" you can hold relay races, play soccer, or run around the bases.

VERB Appreciation Day Kit Individual Sections

VERB Appreciation Day Kit also available in HTML


Physical Activity in the Classroom

Sample of VERB Physical Activity in the Classroom MaterialsWeekly Reader Custom Publishing developed in-school materials specifically for the VERB campaign. Tailored for fourth and fifth grades, these materials include a teacher's guide, student handouts, stickers, posters, and a letter to parents.

Download Weekly Reader materials for a range of activity ideas to use in your classroom or facility. Some materials include some Spanish vocabulary.

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