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Insurance Services Programs

Federal Employee Health Benefit Program

70-2in For United States Postal Inspectors and Office of Inspector General Employees

Table of Contents

Director's Message

FEHB and You

Pre-tax Payment of Premium Contributions

USPS Flexible Spending Accounts

Program Features

Picking a Health Plan

Preventing Medical Mistakes

FEHB Web Resources

Stop Health Care Fraud

Federal Employees Receiving Premium Conversion Tax Benefits
Table of Permissible Changes

FEHB and PostalEASE

FEHB PostalEASE Worksheet

Plan Comparisons

Things to Remember

  • The plan you choose can make a difference in your health.
  • Be aware of benefit changes for 2007.
  • Check the premium for 2007.
  • Look for new choices.

The information in this Guide gives you an overview of the FEHB Program and its participating plans. Read the plan brochures before you make any final decisions about health plans.