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The Earth Sciences Division at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center plans, organizes, evaluates, and carries out a broad program of scientific research, both theoretical and experimental, to study the Earth. We are delighted you found us here and hope you will return many times to visit and experience the excitement we feel about our mission. Our mission ranges from basic research, to the definition and development of flight missions and instruments, to mission operations, data analysis, and distribution.


Temperature map of the Gulf of Mexico
Earth Science Week 2008
Keep your eyes glued to the Goddard Web site through the week of October 12 for daily videos that answer several questions about our home planet. The videos are all part of Earth Science Week: 2008, themed "No Child Left Inside."
Satellite image of smoke over California
Santa Ana Winds Fuel California Wildfires
Powerful Santa Ana winds stoked several major wildfires in Southern California on Monday, Oct. 13, 2008, when instruments on NASA's Aqua satellite captured this image
Still from animation on sea ice drift
NASA Study Finds Rising Arctic Storm Activity Sways Sea Ice, Climate
NASA study shows that the rising frequency and intensity of arctic storms over the last half century directly accelerated the rate of arctic sea ice drift which is a harbinger of climate change.
Screen shot of animation of Arctic sea ice from January 1 through September 12
NASA Data Show Arctic Saw Fastest August Sea Ice Retreat on Record
Following a record-breaking season of arctic sea ice decline in 2007, NASA scientists have kept a close watch on the 2008 melt season.
Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Season 2008: Latest News
For information on the storms of the 2008 hurricane season and other past seasons.


NSPIRES Research Opportunities
Supporting research in science and technology is an important part of NASA's overall mission
NASA Science For Educators
"To inspire the next generation of explorers"
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