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Transfer of Therapeutic Products
to the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

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Sponsor List - NDAs Remaining with CBER

NDA Number
BN000127 BN000922 BN001214 BN010409
BN020037 BN060826 BN080564 BN080716
BN080819 BN090024 BN100102 BN100855
BN110912 BN140716 BN160375 BN160527
BN160607 BN160653 BN160702 BN160759
BN160767 BN160836 BN160889 BN160907
BN160918 BN170401 BN200952 BN760305
BN770420 BN770822 BN770923 BN780519
BN781211 BN781214 BN800077 BN800222
BN811012 BN811104 BN820528 BN820915
BN830527 BN830613 BN830627 BN830629
BN830715 BN840619 BN840620 BN841207
BN860909 BN880217 BN890104 BN890105
BN900223 BN900224 BN940404 BN950522


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