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Southwest Border Fence

As part of our southwest border security strategy, the Department is committed to completing a total of 670 miles of pedestrian and vehicle fence along the Southwest border by the end of 2008.

Miles of Fencing

Fence completed as reported on October 23, 2008:

  • 216.0 miles of pedestrian fence
  • 154.2 miles of vehicle fence

Proposed fence to be completed by December 31, 2008:

  • 370 miles of pedestrian fence
  • 300 miles of vehicle fence

Vehicle and pedestrian fencing are not the only methods used to secure our southwest border. Natural geographic barriers and technological solutions can also be effective deterrents to illegal entry.

Vehicle Vehicular border fencing

Used in more remote areas that can be reached by vehicle

Pedestrian Pedestrian border fencing

Used in areas where many people cross illegally

Technology Virtual border fencing

Mixes tower-based integrated cameras and sensors, ground-based radar, mobile surveillance systems, and unmanned aerial systems with traditional border patrols

Natural Barrier Natural border fencing

Rivers, mountain ranges and other geographic features can provide a natural barrier to illegal entry

Secure Border Initiative

The border fence is just one part of the Department's Secure Border Initiative to secure our borders and reduce illegal migration. More on the Border Fence

This page was last reviewed/modified on October 23, 2008.