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Since the Division's air quality simulation models are used to make policy and regulatory decisions, test air pollution control strategies, and produce air quality forecasts, it is essential that the models are rigorously tested and evaluated to determine their abilities to meet the desired purpose and model application. The Division's Model Evaluation and Applications Research Branch conducts a thorough evaluation of Division model products. Performance evaluations and diagnostic evaluations assess different aspects of a model's suitability or acceptability for particular purposes. Both types of evaluation are required to establish credibility within the scientific and client communities. A third aspect of the evaluation process is the characterization of model uncertainties. All Division models undergo model evaluation before they are released for public use.

The links below provide more information about each of the current areas of active model evaluation research in ASMD:

Model Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Advance Space-Time Techniques

Diagnostic Evaluation:
Indicator Metrics & Instrumented CMAQ Investiguations for Inorganic Fine Particle System

Investigation of the Carbonaceous Fine Particle System

Diagnostic Investigations of Input Uncertainties

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