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Tsunami! was originally a World-Wide Web site that had been developed to provide general information about tsunamis. Much of the site and its original information is now somewhat out of date, and in fact the site is currently undergoing overhaul. Due to the increased interest following the recent Asian tsunami, we have provided links to off-site information below. We have also put together an image (viewable to the right by clicking on it) that illustrates the basic differences between tsunamis and "regular" wind-generated waves.

The old site and its information can be accessed by following the link near the bottom of the page.

Current Links

Surviving a Tsunami - Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan (If you read nothing else, read this).
This is a USGS publication (available online) that details how to survive a tsunami. It was based on personal accounts related to the tsunami generated by the 1960 magnitude-9.5 earthquake in Chile.

The National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program
Lists many links to tsunami websites, most of which are technical.

Pacific Tsunami Museum site
Includes answers to frequently asked questions, links, and information related to Pacific Ocean tsunamis.

The USC (University of Southern California) tsunami research group
Has photos from several recent tsunamis and related tsunami information.

Tsunami visualizations


Diagram illustrating the difference between wind-generated waves and tsunamis.

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