9500 Series Policy Publications

Complete Public Assistance Policy Reference Manual (PDF 2.58MB)
Contains all Public Assistance policies formatted for printing.

Table of Contents

9500 Infrastructure

9510 Public Assistance Program Administration and Appeals

9520 Public Assistance Eligibility

9521 Applicant Eligibility

9522 General Work Eligibility

9523 Emergency Work

9524 Restoration of Damaged Facilities

9525 Allowable Costs

9526 Mitigation

9527 Codes and Standards

9528 (Reserved)

9529 (Reserved)

9530 Public Assistance Insurance Requirements

9540 (Reserved)

9550 Fire Suppression Assistance

9560 Historic Preservation, Cultural Initiatives, Other Related Laws

9570 Standard Operating Procedures (limited distribution of hard copy - separate filing)

9580 Job Aids and Fact Sheets (limited distribution of hard copy - separate filing)

9590 (Reserved)

* * * * *

Other FEMA Sources:

Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended
The Code of Federal Regulations -- Title 44
FEMA 321  PA Policy Digest
FEMA 322  PA Guide (replaced FEMA 286)
FEMA 323  PA Applicant Handbook
FEMA 324CD PA Eligibility
FEMA 325  PA Debris Management Guide
FEMA 326  (Reserved)
FEMA 327CD National Historic Preservation Act
FEMA 328  Public Assistance Program (Factsheet)
FEMA 328S El Programa Asistencia Pública
FEMA 329  (Reserved)
FEMA 330  (Reserved

* * * * *

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