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August 2004


NIH Launches Expanded Health Information Web Site

The National Institutes of Health is pleased to announce the launch of an expanded health information Web site, available at: The site now offers links to a wider range of NIH's valuable resources, features colorful images to highlight an intriguing range of useful features, and gives readers the chance to test their health knowledge. Visitors can still access the popular A to Z listing of health topics, browse topics by body location/systems, or use the main Search box. Favorite health databases, such as Clinical Trials, MEDLINEplus, and PubMed, remain one click away.

Health Information Page Quiz"NIH is the nation's medical research agency, and has long been considered a highly trusted source of health information," said Dennis Rodrigues, NIH web site manager. "As more than half of American adults use the Web to access health information, we are pleased to be able to expand our services and provide 'one-stop shopping' for valuable information from across the more than two dozen institutes and centers that comprise NIH."

The Web site includes three colorful new feature sections. Healthy Lifestyles highlights links to popular topics such as seasonal health concerns, nutrition and weight loss. Research In Action links users to cutting-edge scientific information on topics such as stem cells and genetics, and provides readers with an opportunity to meet scientists ranging from high school students to Nobel laureates. Now Online emphasizes interactive features and Web exhibits such as the Portion Distortion quiz, the Household Products Database, and the Milk Matters campaign. The new "Take a Quiz" box challenges viewers to test their knowledge with a series of continually rotating true/false questions on hot topics such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer prevention, and heart disease.

The newly expanded NIH health information Web site has information geared for the whole family, including kids, teens, parents, and seniors. Educators, clinicians, and researchers will continue to find the site a valuable resource of tools and guidelines.

Health Information Page
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