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The ABCs of Childhood Vaccines
ABCs of Childhood Vaccines At a glance: The ABCs of Childhood Vaccines is a slide series that explains in everyday words and concepts, major facts about childhood vaccines. These PowerPoint slides are designed for parents and others who have a special interest in childhood vaccines. 

Contents of this page:

Download (.ppt*) files to your computer
Note: These files are extremely large in size due to the large number images and active features of the slide show. Please be patient as each file will take a long time to download.

*These files were created in and are only available in Microsoft PowerPoint software (.ppt). If you don't already have it, get the free Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow plug-in to view the slides.  

Use these links if you wish to download and/or print the presentation.
image of slides

The five parts of the presentation can be presented together or used independently. They focus on:

  1. Vaccine safety - 1-ABCs-safety.ppt  (6.12 MB)
  2. Risks of not vaccinating - 2-ABCs-risks.ppt  (2.79 MB)
  3. How vaccines work - 3-ABCs-how.ppt  (5.99 MB)
  4. Natural immunity - 4-ABCs-natural.ppt  (2.13 MB)
  5. Primary vaccinations - 5-ABCs-primary.ppt  (4.70 MB) (updated May 2004)

Tip: One method for downloading files is to right-click each link and select the "Save Target As" (for Internet Explorer) option from the shortcut menu. (Wording may be slightly different depending on your browser).

Steps for printing in black & white only
To print in black and white only (not full-color) follows these steps:
black & white slides
  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation file (links are listed above).
  2. Select "Black and White" from the "View" menu.
  3. Print the presentation.
  4. To return to full-color again, reselect "Black and White" from the "View" menu.    

View the video: Safer Healthier Children
video camera

Real Media Player format: Safer Healthier Children: A Brief Introduction to Childhood Vaccines video (only mpg available) (86 MB)

TIP: In some cases, you have to start the video after the Real Media Player window appears.

WARNING: This file is extremely large (about 60 diskettes full of data). Please be patient while it loads. The video once loaded, will display in a separate window.

Screen-reader accessible (text-only) files
The links below are to text-only files (.txt) that can be read by screen-reader devices. Each file contains only the "words" of the presentation, not the images or backgrounds, etc., normally found in PowerPoint presentations.   
screen-reader accessible text only files
  1. Vaccine safety - 1-ABCs-safety.txt  (9 KB) 
  2. Risks of not vaccinating - 2-ABCs-risks.txt  (4 KB) 
  3. How vaccines work - 3-ABCs-how.txt  (4 KB) 
  4. Natural immunity - 4-ABCs-natural.txt  (4 KB) 
  5. Primary vaccinations - 5-ABCs-primary.txt  (8 KB) (updated May 2004)


Flyer promoting presentation as teaching tool
The ABCs of Childhood Vaccines presentation can be accessed by the public directly or used as a teaching tool by health care providers to give the facts about vaccines. 
Flyer Format Link to actual file
thumbnail of flyer
(.pdf file)
.pdf file
full-color flyer
Requires latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. See logo in left column to download free copy.
(.txt file)
screen-reader accessible logo
Text-only version of flyer
For screen-reader devices.

Images on this website which are copyrighted were used with permission of the copyright holder and are not in the public domain.  CDC has licensed these images for use in the materials provided on this website, and the materials in the form presented on this website may be used without seeking further permission.  Any other use of copyrighted images requires permission from the copyright holder.

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This page last modified on June 3, 2004
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