Section 1: Step 1 – Establish a Planning Team

There must be an individual or group in charge of developing the emergency management plan. The following is guidance for making the appointment.

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Form the Team

The size of the planning team will depend on the facility's operations, requirements and resources. Usually involving a group of people is best because:

Determine who can be an active member and who can serve in an advisory capacity. In most cases, one or two people will be doing the bulk of the work. At the very least, you should obtain input from all functional areas. Remember:

Have participants appointed in writing by upper management. Their job descriptions could also reflect this assignment.

Establish Authority

Demonstrate management's commitment and promote an atmosphere of cooperation by "authorizing" the planning group to take the steps necessary to develop a plan. The group should be led by the chief executive or the plant manager. Establish a clear line of authority between group members and the group leader, though not so rigid as to prevent the free flow of ideas.

Issue a Mission Statement

Have the chief executive or plant manager issue a mission statement to demonstrate the company's commitment to emergency management. The statement should:

Define the purpose of the plan and indicate that it will involve the entire organization

Define the authority and structure of the planning group

Establish a Schedule and Budget

Establish a work schedule and planning deadlines. Timelines can be modified as priorities become more clearly defined.

Develop an initial budget for such things as research, printing, seminars, consulting services and other expenses that may be necessary during the development process.

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