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Drink Alcohol in Moderation

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Take Action!

Try to limit your drinking to:

  • One drink a day for women
  • Two drinks a day for men

Keep Track of Your Drinking
First, set a drinking limit. For example, you may decide to have no more than 3 drinks per week.

Step 1: Write down your drinking limit on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Keep track of your drinking. Write down every time you have a drink for one week. Use a diary like this one or make your own.

Take a day off From Drinking
Choose a day each week (for example, Tuesdays) when you will not drink.

Start Today: Small Steps
  • Take this quiz to see if you have a drinking problem.
  • Set a drinking limit and write it down.
  • Print out this diary to keep track of your drinking.
  • Make an appointment to get your blood pressure checked.

Learn how drinking may affect your blood pressure and risk for heart disease.

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