Purpose of Standard Checklist Criteria For Business Recovery

The intent of this "Checklist" is to provide a means of creating a "Business Recovery" manual for your business. The manual would be used by you in the event that you had to execute a recovery of you business due to a natural or man-made disaster. This "Checklist" can be used by manufactures, corporate offices, retailers, utilities or any organization where a sizeable number of people work or gather.

Whether you operate from a high-rise building or an industrial complex; whether you own, rent or lease your property; whether you are a large or small company; the contents of this checklist will apply.

To begin, you needn't have in-depth knowledge of emergency management. What you need is the authority to create a plan and a commitment from the chief executive officer or principal(s) of your company to make emergency management part of you company culture.

If you already have a plan, use this "Checklist" as a resource to apply business controls to the plan, if needed, or to assess the overall readiness and maintenance of your plan documentation.

The "Checklist" is divided into (4) four sections:

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