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Get Your Cholesterol Checked

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Take Action!

Find out your cholesterol levels as early as possible.

Make an Appointment to get Your Cholesterol Checked
Call your doctor’s office or health center. Schedule a time to get a blood test. Be sure to ask for a complete lipoprotein profile. Remember, you can’t eat or drink anything (except water and black coffee) for 9–12 hours before the test.

Print out this list of questions [PDF - 8.5 KB] External Link to ask your doctor about cholesterol.

What About Cost?
Most insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, will cover the cost of a cholesterol test. Check with your insurance provider to learn what is included in your plan. You can still get your cholesterol checked even if you don't have insurance. Find a health center near you to learn more.

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Start Today: Small Steps

Learn how cholesterol is linked to heart disease.

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