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Abbreviations & Acronyms: J-Q

Note: Some acronyms have more than one meaning. Multiple meanings are listed, separated by semi-colons.

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JAPCA: Journal of Air Pollution Control Association

JCL: Job Control Language

JEC: Joint Economic Committee

JECFA: Joint Expert Committee of Food Additives

JEIOG: Joint Emissions Inventory Oversight Group

JLC: Justification for Limited Competition

JMPR: Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues

JNCP: Justification for Non-Competitive Procurement

JOFOC: Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition

JPA: Joint Permitting Agreement

JSD: Jackson Structured Design

JSP: Jackson Structured Programming

JTU: Jackson Turbidity Unit

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LAA: Lead Agency Attorney

LADD: Lifetime Average Daily Dose; Lowest Acceptable Daily Dose

LAER: Lowest Achievable Emission Rate

LAI: Laboratory Audit Inspection

LAMP: Lake Acidification Mitigation Project

LC: Lethal Concentration. Liquid Chromatography

LCA: Life Cycle Assessment

LCD: Local Climatological Data

LCL: Lower Control Limit

LCM: Life Cycle Management

LCRS: Leachate Collection and Removal System

LD: Land Disposal. Light Duty

LD L0: The lowest dosage of a toxic substance that kills test organisms.

LDAR: Leak Detection and Repair

LDC: London Dumping Convention

LDCRS: Leachate Detection, Collection, and Removal System

LDD: Light-Duty Diesel

LDDT: Light-Duty Diesel Truck

LDDV: Light-Duty Diesel Vehicle

LDGT: Light-Duty Gasoline Truck

LDIP: Laboratory Data Integrity Program

LDR: Land Disposal Restrictions

LDRTF: Land Disposal Restrictions Task Force

LDS: Leak Detection System

LDT: Lowest Dose Tested. Light-Duty Truck

LDV: Light-Duty Vehicle

LEL: Lowest Effect Level. Lower Explosive Limit

LEP: Laboratory Evaluation Program

LEPC: Local Emergency Planning Committee

LERC: Local Emergency Response Committee

LEV: Low Emissions Vehicle

LFG: Landfill Gas

LFL: Lower Flammability Limit

LGR: Local Governments Reimbursement Program

LHDDV: Light Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle

LI: Langelier Index

LIDAR: Light Detection and Ranging

LIMB: Limestone-Injection Multi-Stage Burner

LLRW: Low Level Radioactive Waste

LMFBR: Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

LMOP: Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LNAPL: Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

LOAEL: Lowest-Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level

LOD: Limit of Detection

LQER: Lesser Quantity Emission Rates

LQG: Large Quantity Generator

LRTAP: Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution

LUIS: Label Use Information System

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MAC: Mobile Air Conditioner

MACT: Maximum Achievable Control Technology

MAPSIM: Mesoscale Air Pollution Simulation Model

MATC: Maximum Acceptable Toxic Concentration

MBAS: Methylene-Blue-Active Substances

MCL: Maximum Contaminant Level

MCLG: Maximum Contaminant Level Goal

MCS: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MDL: Method Detection Limit

MEC: Model Energy Code

MEI: Maximally (or most) Exposed Individual

MEP: Multiple Extraction Procedure

MHDDV: Medium Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle

MOBILE5A: Mobile Source Emission Factor Model

MOE: Margin Of Exposure

MOS: Margin of Safety

MP: Manufacturing-use Product; Melting Point

MPCA: Microbial Pest Control Agent

MPI: Maximum Permitted Intake

MPN: Maximum Possible Number

MPWC: Multiprocess Wet Cleaning

MRBMA: Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act

MRF: Materials Recovery Facility

MRID: Master Record Identification number

MRL: Maximum-Residue Limit (Pesticide Tolerance)

MSW: Municipal Solid Waste

MTBE: Methyl tertiary butyl ether

MTD: Maximum Tolerated Dose

MUP: Manufacturing-Use Product

MUTA: Mutagenicity

MWC: Machine Wet Cleaning

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NAA: Nonattainment Area

NAAEC: North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation

NAAQS: National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NACA: National Agricultural Chemicals Association

NACEPT: National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology

NADP/NTN: National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network

NAMS: National Air Monitoring Stations

NAPAP: National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program

NAPL: Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

NAPS: National Air Pollution Surveillance

NARA: National Agrichemical Retailers Association

NARSTO: North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone

NAS: National Academy of Sciences

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASDA: National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

NCAMP: National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

NCEPI: National Center for Environmental Publications and Information

NCWS: Non-Community Water System

NEDS: National Emissions Data System

NEIC: National Enforcement Investigations Center

NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act

NEPI: National Environmental Policy Institute

NEPPS: National Environmental Performance Partnership System

NESHAP: National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NIEHS: National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences

NETA: National Environmental Training Association

NFRAP: No Further Remedial Action Planned

NICT: National Incident Coordination Team

NIOSH: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NIPDWR: National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations

NISAC: National Industrial Security Advisory Committee

NMHC: Nonmethane Hydrocarbons

NMOC: Non-Methane Organic Component

NMVOC: Non-methane Volatile Organic Chemicals

NO: Nitric Oxide

NO²: Nitrogen Dioxide

NOA: Notice of Arrival

NOAA: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency

NOAC: Nature of Action Code

NOAEL: No Observable Adverse Effect Level

NOEL: No Observable Effect Level

NOIC: Notice of Intent to Cancel

NOIS: Notice of Intent to Suspend

N2O: Nitrous Oxide

NOV: Notice of Violation

NOx: Nitrogen Oxides

NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

NPCA: National Pest Control Association>

NPDES: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPHAP: National Pesticide Hazard Assessment Program

NPIRS: National Pesticide Information Retrieval System

NPMS: National Performance Measures Strategy

NPTN: National Pesticide Telecommunications Network

NRD: Natural Resource Damage

NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council

NSDWR: National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations

NSEC: National System for Emergency Coordination

NSEP: National System for Emergency Preparedness

NSPS: New Source Performance Standards

NSR: New Source Review

NSR/PSD: National Source Review/Prevention of Significant Deterioration

NTI: National Toxics Inventory

NTIS: National Technical Information Service

NTNCWS: Non-Transient Non-Community Water System

NTP: National Toxicology Program

NTU: Nephlometric Turbidity Unit

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O3: Ozone

OAQPS: Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

OCD: Offshore and Coastal Dispersion

ODP: Ozone-Depleting Potential

ODS: Ozone-Depleting Substances

OECA: Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OF: Optional Form

OI: Order for Information

OLC: Office of Legal Counsel

OLTS: On Line Tracking System

O&M: Operations and Maintenance

ORE: Office of Regulatory Enforcement

ORM: Other Regulated Material

ORP: Oxidation-Reduction Potential

OTAG: Ozone Transport Assessment Group

OTC: Ozone Transport Commission

OTIS: Online Tracking Information System

OTR: Ozone Transport Region

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P2: Pollution Prevention

PAG: Pesticide Assignment Guidelines

PAH: Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons

PAl: Performance Audit Inspection (CWA); Pure Active Ingredient compound

PAM: Pesticide Analytical Manual

PAMS: Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations

PAT: Permit Assistance Team (RCRA)

PATS: Pesticide Action Tracking System; Pesticides Analytical Transport Solution

Pb: Lead

PBA: Preliminary Benefit Analysis (BEAD)

PCA: Principle Component Analysis

PCB: Polychlorinated Biphenyl

PCE: Perchloroethylene

PCM: Phase Contrast Microscopy

PCN: Policy Criteria Notice

PCO: Pest Control Operator

PCSD: President's Council on Sustainable Development

PDCI: Product Data Call-In

PFC: Perfluorated Carbon

PFCRA: Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act

PHC: Principal Hazardous Constituent

PHI: Pre-Harvest Interval

PHSA: Public Health Service Act

PI: Preliminary Injunction. Program Information

PIC: Products of Incomplete Combustion

PIGS: Pesticides in Groundwater Strategy

PIMS: Pesticide Incident Monitoring System

PIN: Pesticide Information Network

PIN: Procurement Information Notice

PIP: Public Involvement Program

PIPQUIC: Program Integration Project Queries Used in Interactive Command

PIRG: Public Interest Research Group

PIRT: Pretreatment Implementation Review Task Force

PIT: Permit Improvement Team

PITS: Project Information Tracking System

PLIRRA: Pollution Liability Insurance and Risk Retention Act

PLM: Polarized Light Microscopy

PLUVUE: Plume Visibility Model

PM: Particulate Matter

PMAS: Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations

PM2.5: Particulate Matter Smaller than 2.5 Micrometers in Diameter

PM10: Particulate Matter (nominally 10m and less)

PM15: Particulate Matter (nominally 15m and less)

PMEL: Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

PMN: Premanufacture Notification

PMNF: Premanufacture Notification Form

PMR: Pollutant Mass Rate

PMR: Proportionate Mortality Ratio

PMRS: Performance Management and Recognition System

PMS: Program Management System

PNA: Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons

PO: Project Officer

POC: Point Of Compliance

POE: Point Of Exposure

POGO: Privately-Owned/ Government-Operated

POHC: Principal Organic Hazardous Constituent

POI: Point Of Interception

POLREP:Pollution Report

POM: Particulate Organic Matter. Polycyclic Organic Matter

POP: Persistent Organic Pollutant

POR: Program of Requirements

POTW: Publicly Owned Treatment Works

POV: Privately Owned Vehicle

PP: Program Planning

PPA: Planned Program Accomplishment

PPB: Parts Per Billion

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

PPG: Performance Partnership Grant

PPIC: Pesticide Programs Information Center

PPIS: Pesticide Product Information System; Pollution Prevention Incentives for States

PPMAP: Power Planning Modeling Application Procedure

PPM/PPB: Parts per million/ parts per billion

PPSP: Power Plant Siting Program

PPT: Parts Per Trillion

PPTH: Parts Per Thousand

PQUA: Preliminary Quantitative Usage Analysis

PR: Pesticide Regulation Notice; Preliminary Review

PRA: Paperwork Reduction Act; Planned Regulatory Action

PRATS: Pesticides Regulatory Action Tracking System

PRC: Planning Research Corporation

PRI: Periodic Reinvestigation

PRM: Prevention Reference Manuals

PRN: Pesticide Registration Notice

PRP: Potentially Responsible Party

PRZM: Pesticide Root Zone Model

PS: Point Source

PSAM: Point Source Ambient Monitoring

PSC: Program Site Coordinator

PSD: Prevention of Significant Deterioration

PSES: Pretreatment Standards for Existing Sources

PSI: Pollutant Standards Index; Pounds Per Square Inch; Pressure Per Square Inch

PSIG: Pressure Per Square Inch Gauge

PSM: Point Source Monitoring

PSNS: Pretreatment Standards for New Sources

PSU: Primary Sampling Unit

PTDIS: Single Stack Meteorological Model in EPA UNAMAP Series

PTE: Potential to Emit

PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)

PTMAX: Single Stack Meteorological Model in EPA UNAMAP series

PTPLU: Point Source Gaussian Diffusion Model

PUC: Public Utility Commission

PV: Project Verification

PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride

PWB: Printed Wiring Board

PWS: Public Water Supply/ System

PWSS: Public Water Supply System

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QAC: Quality Assurance Coordinator

QA/QC: Quality Assistance/ Quality Control

QAMIS: Quality Assurance Management and Information System

QAO: Quality Assurance Officer

QAPP: Quality Assurance Program (or Project) Plan

QAT: Quality Action Team

QBTU: Quadrillion British Thermal Units

QC: Quality Control

QCA: Quiet Communities Act

QCI: Quality Control Index

QCP: Quiet Community Program

QL: Quantification Limit

QNCR: Quarterly Noncompliance Report

QUA: Qualitative Use Assessment

QUIPE: Quarterly Update for Inspector in Pesticide Enforcement

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