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1999 Acquisitions

For the most up-to-date information about the collections listed below, please search the Library of Congress online catalog. After archival processing has been completed, a fuller description may be found in a related finding aid.

If you wish to contact the Manuscript Division regarding any of these materials, please cite the relevant accession number.

Accessions are categorized as new or as an addition to an existing collection, and as original or a reproduction (generally microform) of materials held elsewhere. In most instances, the number of items shown for a large acquisition is an approximation. Entries marked with an asterisk (*) indicate materials which were subject to restricted access at the time of receipt.

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Harrison, William Henry
See same title (Reproductions)

Roosevelt, Theodore
The Facts about the Candidate, miniature book by Byron Andrews, 1904 Source: Skip Naler Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,039

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1. To 1860

Barber, Hervey
Papers, 1840s Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,007

Barnard, Isaac Dutton
Papers, 1793-1873 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 22
Accession # 21,808

Bégon, Michel*
Papers, 1684-85 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 4
Accession # 22,063

Christiancy and Pickett families
See same title (Other Personal Papers--General History--1860-1900)

Coolidge, Joseph
Papers, 1793-1806 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 18
Accession # 21,989

Derrick, Henry Clay
See same title (Other Personal Papers--General History--1860-1900)

Rodgers family
Papers, 1825-1971 Source: Rutherford Lake, Jr. Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 800
Accession # 22,028

Sibley, John
ALS, 1804, to unidentified Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 21,954

Simpson, James
Letterbook of James Simpson, 1793-97 Source: Martha C. Spicer Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,037

Smith, Josiah*
Diary of Josiah Smith, 1780-81 Source: Jennie Hagen Boyd Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,040

Thomas, John
Letters of John Thomas, 1761-62 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,055

Wadsworth, Jeremiah
See same title (Reproductions)

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2. 1860-1900

Barnard, Isaac Dutton
See same title (Other Personal Papers--General History--To 1860)

Blackburn family
Papers, 1861-79 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 45
Accession # 21,957

Christiancy and Pickett families
Papers, 1840-1998 Source: Suzanne Pickett Zbar Category: Gift (New) Items: 1,000
Accession # 21,982

Derrick, Henry Clay
Chronology documenting Derrick's military service in Cairo, Egypt (1875-1878), 1999 Source:
Clarence Derrick Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 21,998

Fell, Jesse W.
See same title (Reproductions)

Hall, Reynold T.
Journal of Reynold T. Hall, 1881 Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,032

Hay, John
Papers, 1798-1999 Source: James W. Symington Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 5
Accession # 21,967 and 22,002

Jamestown (Sloop of war)
Journal, 1862-64 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,064

McClellan, George Brinton
Papers, 1866-72 Source: Jonathan Mann Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 6
Accession # 21,945

Meade, George Gordon
See same title (Reproductions)

Journal, 1870 Source: Joe Mayhew Category: Gift (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,095

Pickett family
See Christiancy and Pickett families (Other Personal Papers--General History--1860-1900)

Rodgers family
See same title (Other Personal Papers--General History--To 1860)

Wadleigh, George H.
Journal, 1881-82 Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,031

Wainwright family
See same title (Other Personal Papers--General History--1900-Present)

Wilkins, William D.
Papers, 1862 Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 22,008

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3. 1900-Present

Arnold, Henry Harley
Papers, 1941-89 Source: Jo Chamberlin Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 7
Accession # 21,977

Blackmun, Harry A.*
Papers, 1922-98 Source: Sally A. Blackmun via Wanda Martinson Category: Gift (New) Items: 522,777
Accession # 22,014

Bork, Robert H.*
Papers, 1981-95 Source: Robert Bork Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 75,000
Accession # 22,097

Cohen, Benjamin V.*
Papers, 1936-48 Source: Estate of Benjamin V. Cohen via David Ginsburg Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 35
Accession # 21,948

Committee of Fifteen (New York, N. Y.)
See same title (Reproductions)

Cone, Hutchinson Ingham
Diary, 1898 Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,030

Cooke, George Willis
See G. Stanley Hall (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Cummings, Harry S.*
Papers, 1891-1916 Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 50
Accession # 21,956

Gajauskas, Balys
Letter of Balys Gajauskas, 1982 Source: Library of Congress, European Division Category: Transfer (New) Items: 2
Accession # 21,971

Gesell, Gerhard Alden*
Papers, 1993 Source: Mrs. Gerhard A. Gesell Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 350
Accession # 22,061

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader*
Papers, 1971-98 Source: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 10,000
Accession # 22,016

Goldberg, Arthur J.
Papers, 1950-68 Source: Robert M. Goldberg Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 17,000
Accession # 21,949

Gottlieb, Sanford
Papers, 1926-99 Source: Sanford Gottlieb Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 50
Accession # 21,974

Halperin, Morton H.*
Papers, 1992-98 Source: Morton H. Halperin Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 12,000
Accession # 21,958

Lardner, George*
Papers, 1957-95 Source: George Lardner Category: Gift (New) Items: 85,000
Accession # 21,953

Morison, Samuel Eliot
Papers, 1942-43 Source: Samuel L. Morison via Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 3
Accession # 21,947

Niebuhr, Reinhold
Papers, 1938-97 Source: Christopher Niebuhr Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 225
Accession # 21,976

Paderewski, Ignace Jan
Papers, 1941 Source: Library of Congress European Division Category: Transfer (New) Items: 2
Accession # 21,970

Rauh, Joseph L.*
Papers, 1949-58 Source: Olie Rauh Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1,000
Accession # 22,043

Reber, Samuel
Papers, 1916-24 Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (New) Items: 8
Accession # 22,033

Roosevelt, Archibald*
Papers, 1978-90 Source: Selwa Roosevelt Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 75
Accession # 21,999

Shuster, W. Morgan
Papers, 1915-61 Source: Perla Cacciaguerra Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 50
Accession # 21,987

Stout, Juanita Kidd
Papers, 1929-98 Source: Charlotte Nichols and Kenneth Maillard Category: Gift (New) Items: 11,000
Accession # 22,027

Strout, Richard L.
Papers, 1915-84 Source: Estate of Ernestine Strout via Alan M. Strout Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 5,000
Accession # 21,983

Swidler, Joseph C.
Papers, 1931-88 Source: Ann Swidler Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1,250
Accession # 22,094

Tatel, David S.*
Papers, 1964-79 Source: David S. Tatel Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 6,100
Accession # 22,025

Wainwright family
Papers, 1900-1902 Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 22,029

Walsh, Thomas James
Papers of Thomas James Walsh and John Edward Erickson, 1996 Source: Dorothy Pettit Bates and Alan J. Bates via John Hoffman Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 21,955

Weinstone, William W.
Papers, 1967 Source: Fairleigh Dickinson University via James Fraser Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 21,943

Whipple, H. Bennett
Memoir, 1965 Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,000

Wilkinson, Theodore Stark
Letter, 1943, from Air Department, Wellington C.1., New Zealand Source: Naval Historical Foundation Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 21,964

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Boorstin, Daniel J.*
Papers, 1987-98 Source: Daniel J. Boorstin Category: Deposit (Addition) Items: 1,750
Accession # 21,946, 21,988, and 22,017

Brodsky, Joseph
Letters, 1965-72 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 20
Accession # 22,023

Cain, James M.
TLS, 1946, to Robert Sparks Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 21,959

Ciardi, John
Papers, 1958-68 Source: Wayne State University Libraries Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 9,500
Accession # 21,978

Cullen, Countee
Papers, 1923-43 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 12
Accession # 22,038

Hemingway, Ernest*
See A. E. Hotchner (Other Personal Papers--Cultural History)

Hostos, Eugenio María and Eugenio Carlos de
Papers, 1871-1990 Source: Gloria de Alvear y de Hostos Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 5,000
Accession # 21,990

Hotchner, A. E.*
A. E. Hotchner-Ernest Hemingway Collection, 1950-65 Source: A. E. Hotchner Category: Gift (New) Items: 350
Accession # 22,045

Kroll, Lucy*
Video recording, ca. 1993 Source: Lucy Kroll Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,024

Lewton, Val
See same title (Reproductions)

Library of Congress. Copyright Office.
See same title (Reproductions)

McGuire, William
Papers, 1906-80 Source: William McGuire Category: Deposit (Addition) Items: 4,510
Accession # 22,020 and 22,021

Pei, I. M.*
Papers, 1946-98 Source: I. M. Pei Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 54,000
Accession # 22,042, 22,044, and 22,054

Price, Vincent
Papers, 1926-87 Source: Yale University Library Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 7
Accession # 22,036

Rihani, Ameen Fares
Papers, 1916-21 Source: Ramzi Rihani Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 22,001

Sparks, Robert
See James M. Cain (Other Personal Papers--Cultural History)

Stuart, Jesse
Autograph note, 1950 Source: Library of Congress Cataloging Division Category: Transfer (New) Items: 1
Accession # 21,961

Whitman, Walt
See same title (Reproductions)

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Adler, Alfred
Papers, n.d. Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 22,067

Bassalier, R.
See Jean Piaget (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Berg, Roland H.
See Karl A. Menninger (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Bonaparte, Marie, Princess
Photograph, n.d. Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,089

Brill, A. A.
TLS, 1929, to Samuel W. Hamilton Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,077

Charcot, J. M.
Papers, n.d. Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,070

Clark, Kenneth Bancroft
Papers, 1948-93 Source: Kenneth B. Clark via Jeannette Hopkins Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 4
Accession # 22,012

Coppinger, Don
See C. B. Wilbur (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Deutsch, Helene
Papers, n.d. Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,066

Ellis, Havelock
Papers, 1933 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,082

Ferenczi, Sándor
ALS, 1927, to Martin Pappenheim Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,069

Freud, Anna
Papers, 1960 Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 22,076

Freud, Sigmund
Papers, 1897-1998 Source: William McGuire via Deirdre Bair; Sheila Spalding; Peter J. Swales; and Edith Atkin via Sigmund Freud Archives Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 36
Accession # 21,962, 21,969, 21,981, and 22,056

Freud, Sigmund
Postcard, 1936, to Felix Mayer Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,065

Fromm, Erich
TLS, 1927, to Sandor Rado Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,073

Galt, Francis L.*
Papers, 1870-75 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 20
Accession # 22,018

Gamow, George
ALS, 1967, to Martynas Ycas Source: M. Ycas Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 21,944

Gerson, N. C.
Papers, 1960-99 Source: Nathaniel C. Gerson Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1,000
Accession # 21,975

Gray, Asa*
Papers, 1840-59 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 75
Accession # 22,049

Hall, G. Stanley
Letter, 1896, to George Willis Cooke Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,071

Hamilton, Samuel W.
See A. A. Brill (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Hoppen, William
Papers, 1965-85 Source: William Hoppen Category: Gift (New) Items: 150,000
Accession # 22,005

Jones, Ernest
Papers, 1929 Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 2
Accession # 22,072

Jung, C. G.
Letter, 1990, from Lorenz Jung to Gerald Rosenthal Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,092

Jung, Lorenz
See C. G. Jung (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Masters, William H.
Papers, 1971-72 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 4
Accession # 22,087

Mayer, Felix
See Sigmund Freud (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Mead, Margaret*
Papers, 1924-78 Source: Mary Catherine Bateson Category: Deposit (Addition) Items: 2,000
Accession # 22,026

Menninger, Karl A.
TLS, 1958, to Roland H. Berg Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,084

Minguillon, Mark
See J. L. Moreno (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Mordecai, Alfred
Papers, 1833-34 Source: John D. Miley Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 125
Accession # 22,052

Moreno, J. L.
Postcard, 1974, to Mark Minguillon Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,090

Morgan, C. Lloyd
Letter, 1926, to F. Bernhard Vesper Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,091

Oppenheimer, J. Robert
Papers, 1942-65 Source: American Institute of Physics Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 15
Accession # 21,979

Piaget, Jean
Postcard, 1942, to R. Bassalier Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,086

Pappenheim, Martin
See Sándor Ferenczi (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Rado, Sandor
See Erich Fromm (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Rank, Otto
ALS, 1927, to George Wilbur Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,068

Reich, Wilhelm
Papers, 1939 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,079

Reik, Theodor
Papers, 1960-64 Source: Sigmund Freud Archives Category: Gift (New) Items: 12
Accession # 21,965

Reik, Theodor
Papers, 1960 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 3
Accession # 22,093

Rogers, Carl R.
Papers, 1940-99 Source: Barbara Temaner Brodley Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 40
Accession # 22,006

Rosenberg, Paul
Papers, 1934-50 Source: American Institute of Physics Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 450
Accession # 21,980

Rosenthal, Gerald
See C. G. Jung (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Seaborg, Glenn Theodore*
Papers, 1940-99 Source: Estate of Glenn T. Seaborg via Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, and the National Archives and Records Administration Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 92,200
Accession # 22,041, 22,046, and 22,047

Skinner, B. F.
Papers, 1963-79 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 3
Accession # 22,078

Spock, Benjamin
Papers, 1966 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,081

Stauffer, Jacob*
Sketches of insects, 1859-80 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1 vol.
Accession # 22,048

Townes, Charles H.
Papers, 1948-96 Source: Charles Hard Townes Category: Gift (New) Items: 68,000
Accession # 22,004 and 22,019

Vesper, F. Bernhard
See C. Lloyd Morgan (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Wilbur, C. B.
TLS, 1978, to Don Coppinger Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,088

Wilbur, George
See Otto Rank (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Wilson, Edward Osborne
Papers, 1960-99 Source: Edward O. Wilson Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 3,800
Accession # 21,950, 21,968, and 21,984

Wright brothers
Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, 1881-1948 Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 13
Accession # 22,051

Ycas, Martynas
See George Gamow (Other Personal Papers--History of Science)

Yerkes, Robert Mearns
Letters, 1945 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,085

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Black history collection
Documents, 1803-1919 Category: Purchase (Addition) Items: 15
Accession # 21,960, 21,972, 22,009, 22,003, and 21,973

Carson, Marian S.
Manuscripts, 1675-1995 Source: Marian S. Carson Category: Gift/Deposit/Purchase (New) Items: 10,000
Accession # 21,952

Johanson, Anders G.
Civil War manuscripts, 1861-64 Source: Anders G. Johanson Category: Gift (New) Items: 4
Accession # 21,852

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Brandt & Hopkins
Account book, 1870-80 Source: Mrs. Albert Hyma Category: Gift (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,080

Communist Party of the United States of America*
See same title (Reproductions)

Elections Research Center (Governmental Affairs Institute)
Records, 1920-93 Source: Estate of Richard Scammon via Mary Scammon Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 10,000
Accession # 22,034

La Diane (Privateer)*
Records, 1746-62 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 1
Accession # 22,035

Library of Congress
Records, 1934-97 Source: Library of Congress Automated Systems Office, Network Development and MARC Standards Office; Fred E. Croxton Category: Transfer/Gift (Addition) Items: 1,325
Accession # 21,951 and 21,997

Progressive Party
Records, 1914 Category: Purchase (New) Items: 2
Accession # 22,062

United States. Revenue-Cutter Service
Letterbook, 1888-90 Source: State Historical Society of Wisconsin Category: Gift (Addition) Items: 1
Accession # 22,010

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Records, 1980-84 Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Category: Transfer (Addition) Items: 400
Accession # 21,942

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Committee of Fifteen (New York, N. Y.)
Records, 1900-1901 Location of originals: Rare Books and Manuscripts Division, Center for the Humanities, New York Public Library, New York, N. Y. Reels: 17
Accession # 21,986

Communist Party of the United States of America*
Records, 1914-44 Location of originals: Rossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i izucheniia dokumentov noveishei istorii (Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Documents of Recent History), Moscow, Russia Reels: 142
Accession # 21,966 and 22,053

Fell, Jesse W.
Papers, 1806-1957 Location of originals: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress Reels: 8
Accession # 21,706

Harrison, William Henry
Papers, 1810-15 Location of originals: Various repositories Reels: 7
Accession # 22,057

Lewton, Val
Papers, 1924-82 Location of originals: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress Reels: 5
Accession # 21,993

Library of Congress. Copyright Office.
Ms. plays [microform], 1901-44 Location of originals: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (most discarded after filming) Reels:  305
Accession # 20,849.42, 20,849.43, 20,849.44, 20,849.45, 20,849.46, 20,849.47, 20,849.48, 20849.49, 20,849.50, 20,849.51, and 20,849.52

Meade, George Gordon
Papers, 1793-1896 Location of originals: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Reels: 14
Accession # 21,985

Wadsworth, Jeremiah
Papers, 1775-1813 Location of originals: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress Reels: 2
Accession # 22,011

Whitman, Walt
Photograph of poem "Ireland," as published in The New York Leader, 1861 Location of originals: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. Items: 1
Accession # 22,013

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Autograph Letter Signed
Document Signed
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