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  • Establishing and maintaining relationships across CDC, with partners, and with other health care entities to enhance their understanding, capacity, and application of public health informatics.
  • Identifying and assessing public health informatics solutions for emergency preparedness and response to facilitate activities such as outbreak investigation, event detection and monitoring, and response.
  • Identifying the needs and opportunities for components that can be utilized across multiple informatics solutions, both within CDC and the public health community at large, to ensure interoperability, integration, and consistency.
  • Identifying and assessing informatics solutions for integrated surveillance, both nationally and internationally, and pursuing appropriate directions for those solutions. Developing, managing, and supporting integrated health surveillance, information, and operational solutions and tools to facilitate activities such as surveillance, laboratory reporting, analysis and tracking, visualization, reporting and inventory management.
  • Enabling an environment that encourages the creation, management, sharing, and effective application of knowledge to improve public health, and health more generally.










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