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Thread-Topic: Newest Items on the National Institute of Mental Health Web Site
              - May 8, 2009
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Date:         Fri, 9 May 2008 07:41:15 -0400
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Subject:      Newest Items on the National Institute of Mental Health Web Site
              - May 8, 2009

(Note: The following URLs may exceed the maximum line length in some e-mail readers. If you get an error when you click on it, try copying and pasting it into your browser's address bar.) ____________________________________________________________________________ Science News ( New Therapies Show Promise for Vascular Depression; Heart, Metabolic, Risks of Some Antipsychotic Medications Flagged Virtual Reality, Psychotherapy, Show Promise in Treating PTSD Symptoms; Civilian Access to Care Remains a Concern Mental Disorders Cost Society Billions in Unearned Income Clues to Role of Brain Development as Risk for Mental Disorders May Also Lead to Better Treatments Imaging Identifies Brain Regions and Chemicals Underlying Mood Disorders; May Lead to Better Treatments Studies Identify Subtle Genetic Changes' Risk for Mental Disorders; May Lead to Targets for New, Better, Therapies _________________________________________________________________________ Scientific Meetings - Announcements ( The 14th NIMH Biennial Research Conference on the Economics of Mental Health: Toward Building a High Performance Mental Health System ************************************************************************ You are receiving this message as a subscribed member of NIMH-E-NEWS, a mailing list with updates on the latest mental health news, research advances, upcoming events, publications, clinical trials, meeting summaries, and more. Other NIMH Mailing Lists INSIDE-NIMH-L ( Funding news for current and future NIMH awardees. NIMHFUNDINGOPPS ( The latest information about NIMH research funding opportunities as well as administrative updates on grant policies and procedures. Unsubscribe, subscribe, or view the full mailing list archives:

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