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Welcome to the U.S. Census Bureau's
Office of Special Censuses Website

Attention: The Special Census Program is currently on hiatus as we focus our efforts on the 2010 Census. The program is expected to resume operations approximately one year after the 2010 Census.

The Office of Special Censuses works with local and tribal governments to conduct censuses for their communities in the years between decennial censuses.

A Special Census is a basic enumeration of population, housing units, and group quarters conducted by the Census Bureau at the request of a governmental unit.

This site provides tools to help local and tribal governments request and plan for a Special Census in their community. Get started by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.

This page contains a wealth of information about Special Censuses - what they are, why they are conducted, who pays for them, how data is collected, and what the legal basis is for a Special Census.

If you are already experienced in how a Special Census works and want to conduct your governmental unit, please review the Cost Estimates section.

For local or tribal governments that would like to conduct a Special Census, please review Conducting a Special Census section for information about responsibilities each governmental unit has when conducting a Special Census.

Special Census Video Link

  Customer tools, including video and Broadcast B-roll, are available to all Special Census customers. Click the picture above to preview a video designed to encourage resident participation in your Special Census through public access cable stations or other media organizations. Apple's Quicktime is needed to view this video. Go here if you need it! Set your Streaming Transport to "Use Http, PortID: 80" by selecting Edit, Preferences, and then Quicktime preferences from the Quicktime player.

Once you have signed an agreement with the Census Bureau to conduct a Special Census in your community, you will receive access to the Customer Tools section that provides you with advertising copy, posters, fact sheets, public service announcement videos, and broadcast B-Roll that you can use to help recruit for Census Takers and promote resident participation in your Special Census.

If you live in a community that is conducting a Special Census and are interested in working as a Census Taker, please visit the Employment section to find out more about Census jobs and how you can apply.

For more information about Special Censuses not found on this site, please call us at 301-763-1429, or e-mail us at SpecialCensusProgram@Census.Gov

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Field Division, Office of Special Censuses