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Johns Hopkins University Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence

Johns Hopkins University
Phillip Leaf, PhD – Principal Investigator
Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health
624 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Center website

The Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence is a coalition of researchers, faculty, students, and staff from Baltimore-based academic centers and partners, including state and local officials, agencies and organizations, schools, parents, local residents, and youth. The Center’s mission is to prevent youth violence and to promote positive youth development. This is carried out by creating academic-community collaborations that extend, evaluate, and improve efforts to monitor and detect youth violence; conducting research identifying malleable factors and interventions that reduce such violence and associated morbidity and mortality; and by creating prevention policies and practices.

The Center, with others in the city, has developed a comprehensive program to reduce youth violence and to promote positive youth development. Projects include evaluating community-based violence interventions and school-wide systems for enhancing positive behaviors; collaborations to improve home visiting programs for families with young children; research on alternative strategies for supporting parents and family members; community programs for youth involved in the juvenile justice system; and collaborations to increase youth development programs and youth-driven solutions to problems. The Center also supports training for pre- and postdoctoral research and for researchers and community collaborators on the application of Community-Based Participatory Research Strategies

















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