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Winter Holidays

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A selected electronic bibliography

Compiled by the Wirtz Labor Library Staff
U.S. Department of Labor

Chanukah On the Net
A comprehensive site that provides the story of the Maccabees and Chanukah, information about the Menorah, how to make a dreidel, music, goodies, recipes, and holiday prayers.

Christmas Symbolism
This site has information on various symbols of this Christian holiday such as frankincense and the holly and the ivy.

Christmas Around The World
This site is an effort to share how Christmas is celebrated around the world, includes information on thirty countries.

It’s A Wonderful Life
One of the most beloved films of all time. A Christmas tradition.

Kwanzaa Information Center
This site provides a comprehensive guide to this African-inspired holiday, including links to other Kwanzaa pages and a how-to guide.

Kwanzaa on the Net
This site presents the story and seven principles of Kwanzaa, instructions for the lighting the Kinara, craft ideas, and more.

New Year's Eve - Closer to Home
This site describes the festivities of Alexandria's First Night Celebration, with activities for all members of the family.

Ramadan on the Net
This Internet site, sponsored by USC, describes the essentials of Ramadan, the Fasting Month, celebrating the revelation of Al Qur'an.

Santa Land
This Web’s oldest Santa-related website, founded in 1991 by former Library of Congress archivist Jeff Guide.

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