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Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15-October 15


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National Hispanic Heritage Month; Hispanic American: strength in unity, faith and diversity; montage featuring images of Hispanic culture

A selected electronic bibliography

Compiled by the Wirtz Labor Library Staff
U.S. Department of Labor

Hispanic American Biographies
This site includes some 80 biographies on Hispanic Americans, including Luis Walter Alvarez, Nobel Prize-winning physicist; Joan Baez, folk singer; Cesar Chavez, labor leader; Roberto Clemente, baseball; Andy Garcia, actor; Salma Hayek, actress; Antonia Novello, U.S. Surgeon General; and Ellen Ochoa, astronaut. The biographies are listed alphabetically and by occupational category.

Hispanic Heritage National Parks
This site lists Hispanic Heritage National Parks, with links to parks and battlefields commemorating events in Hispanic history in the United States. It includes a link to Dry Tortugas National Park, which was first discovered by Ponce de Leon in 1513.

Hispanic Population of the United States
These statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau refer only to the Hispanic population of the United States. While the population of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is not included in the data, Puerto Ricans residing in the United States are included. Two specific reports on the site are Hispanic Population in the United States: March 2000 and Hispanic-Owned Businesses: Reaching New Heights.

Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room
This web site is devoted to the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, which was established to acquire Luso-Hispanic materials. The site covers the world's finest collection of the history and culture of Latin America, Iberia, and the Caribbean. There are links to rare books, manuscripts, and "The Handbook of Latin American Studies." The Library of Congress has 53 volumes of the handbook available on CD-ROM.

Lords of the Earth: Maya/Aztec/Inca
The site deals with archeology and anthropology of the Americas. It is devoted to Maya, Aztec, Inca and other early civilizations that have become part of the Hispanic culture

San Antonio Public Library: Hispanic Heritage
The site provides useful information on the Hispanic population in the United States. It has links to institutions and organizations that provide information on Hispanic education, civil rights, economic development, and the visual arts. This is also a good resource to study Hispanic genealogy in the United States and other countries.

Scholastic: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Visit this site to explore the roots of Hispanic Heritage in America covering 500 years. This site has links to teaching and learning tools for teachers, parents, and students. There is also a link to interviews done by students with famous Latinos, and a most interesting link with extensive research on Spanish missions in California.

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
This site is a business network for the Hispanic community and includes links to a career resource and job center, legislation and policy issues, business opportunities, and a newsletter.

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