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Cesar Chavez
A selected bibliography of materials in the Wirtz Labor Library Collection

Levy, Jacques E.
Cesar Chavez: Autobiography of La Causa. New York, 1975.

The author, a reporter, co-wrote this book with Chavez. It covers the years between Chavez's early childhood to 1975. Sixty-five illustrations are collected in this book.


Ferriss, Susan and Ricardo Sandoval
Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Movement. San Diego, 1997.
Image of book cover

Accompanying a 1997 PBS documentary of the same name, The Fight in the Fields tells the dramatic story of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union, both in words and in powerful photographs, many previously unpublished.


del Castillo, Richard Griswold and Richard A. Garcia
Cesar Chavez: A Triumph of Spirit. Oklahoma, 1995.

This biography shows a quiet, shy, religious man who was thrust into the center of a storm of strikes, fasts and violence. A chronicle of the fight for social justice in an often violent and hostile world.


Ross, Fred
Conquering Goliath: Cesar Chavez at the Beginning. Detroit, 1989.
Image of book cover

A stirring telling of events that launched the social justice struggle for migrant farm workers.


Hammerback, John
Rhetorical Career of Cesar Chavez. Texas A & M University,1998.

An original in-depth study of how Cesar Chavez achieved his world visions and goals through his very unique style speaking. He was very effective despite being soft-spoken and had a very powerful effect on audiences he spoke to.


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