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Education Statistical Resources

 Additional Resources

National Center for Education Statistics

  • DAS on the Web
    The Data Analysis System (DAS) is a Windows software application that provides access to Department of Education survey data.

  • Education Statistics at a Glance
    Source include: The Condition of Education, The Digest of Education Statistics, and Projections of Education Statistics. Can also search by Subject Area.

  • Quick Tables
    This search tool allows you to locate all tables/figures published since 1990 in the inventory of NCES' "Education Statistics Quarterly"; the NEDRC (National Education Data Resource Center) Postsecondary Table Library; and many NCES publications.

U.S. Department of Education: Research and Statistics

  • Search ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
    Covers educational research and resources. Use keyword: statistics or ERIC DESCRIPTOR: Statistical Data.

World Bank's EDSTATS
Comprehensive database of education statistics with data supplied by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and other organizations.

World Education Report (UNESCO)

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