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Population Statistical Resources

 Additional Resources

Census Bureau

Historical Census Data Browser
For the University of Virginia's Geospatial and Statistical Data Center, population and economic data of the U.S., states and counties from 1790 to 1960.

Population Index
Annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, and other materials on population topics. This website provides a searchable and browsable database containing 46,035 abstracts of demographic literature published in Population Index in the period 1986-2000.

Statistics Canada

  • Census
    Data from the 2001 Census that provides data and maps. Also provides links to Data Tables providing population and dwelling counts.

  • Other Statistical Web Sites:
    Provides links to Canadian and International Resources.

United Nations

  • Country at a Glance
    Provides basic information by country, includes population, economic, environment, health and technology indicators.

  • Social Indicators
    Tables with social indicators covering a wide range of subject matter fields such as populaton, education, housing, health and water.

  • UNDP Publications
    United Nation's Development Programme's full-text statistical publications by subject and region.

Population Index
Office of Population Research, Princeton University Index covers all fields of interest to demographers, including fertility, mortality, population size and growth, migration, nuptiality and the family, research methodology, projections and predictions, historical demography, and demographic and economic interrelations. Input is derived from original publications including monographs, journal articles, other serial publications, working papers, doctoral dissertations, machine-readable data files, and relevant acquisitions lists and bibliographies.

Vital Statistics of the United States
Births, deaths, marriages, and divorces in the United States.

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