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FoodNet Article Summaries

The following is a list of FoodNet published manuscripts by year and title. Beside each title is a link to the full-text manuscript and a link to the summary of the article. The summary highlights the main findings of the article in non-technical language.

"A population-based estimate of the substantial burden of diarrhoeal disease in the United States" - T.F. Jones. (Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 16KB)

"Listeria monocytogenes Infection from Foods Prepared in a Commercial Establishment: A Case- Control Study of Potential Sources of Sporadic Illness in the United States" - Jay K. Varma (Full Text Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 333KB Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 17KB)

"Reduction in the incidence of invasive listeriosis in the FoodNet sites, 1996-2003" - Andrew C. Voetsch. (Full Text Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 260KB Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 17KB)

"Sporadic Campylabacter Infection in Infants: A Population-Based Surveillance Case-Control" Kathleen E. Fullerton. (Full Text - Lippincot, Williams & Wilkins - Publisher - Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 18KB)


"A Case Control Study of the Epidemiology of Sporadic Salmonella Infection in Infants" - Timothy F. Jones. ( Full Text Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 17KB)

"Eating in Restaurants: A Risk for Foodborne Disease?" - Timothy F. Jones and Frederick J. Angulo. (Full Text Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 233KB Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 18KB)

"Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of the Use of lrradiated Meat among Respondents to the FoodNet Population Survey in Connecticut and New York." - Dina Hoefer. (Full Text Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 72KB Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 18KB)

"Risk factors for sporadic Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli 0157 infections in FoodNet sites, 1999-2000." - A. C. Voetsch. (Article Summary Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF 17KB)

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