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Activity and Menu Planners

Use these tools to help plan and organize your physical activity and meal choices.

Physical Activity Planner | Menu Planners

Physical Activity Planners

Activity Tracker
This tool lets you set your physical activity goals, enter and save your physical activity on a calendar, track and view a graph of your progress, and earn a certificate for reaching your goals.

MyFitness Planner Exit Disclaimer
Use My Fitness Planner to find out if you are getting enough physical activity.

Teen BEAT-Basic Exercise & Activity Tracker Exit Disclaimer
This tool is designed especially for teens.

Activity Log Exit Disclaimer
Keep a record of your physical activities with this diary.

Assess Your Physical Activity
Find out your physical activity status and get information on how many calories you burn by getting active.

Daily Food and Activity Diary
Write down your diet and exercise goals in this daily diary.

Menu Planners

Personal Nutrition Planner Exit Disclaimer
This tool helps you plan your food choices using the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans and USDA MyPyramid.

Meal Planner Exit Disclaimer
Save time to plan and organize your weekly meals with this calendar.

Portion Distortion
This guide will help you learn about the difference between portions and servings.

Interactive Menu Planner
Use this tool to plan your meal choices based on the total number of calories you need in one day.

Daily Food and Activity Diary
Write down your diet and exercise goals in this diary.

Assess Your Food Intake
Find out if you are eating a healthy diet and get related nutrition information.

Cyberkitchen Exit Disclaimer
This online guide will show you how to balance the food you eat with physical activity so that you can stay at a healthy weight.