Coastal Services Center

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How-To Guides

Despite technological advances, the written word continues to be an effective means of communication. The NOAA Coastal Services Center provides many publications and websites that relay information about how to best approach a variety of coastal management issues.

Marine Boundary Series

Marine Managed Areas: Best Practices for Boundary Making
This manual provides step-by-step best practices and tips for those charged with developing and mapping marine boundaries.

Shore and Sea Boundaries, Volume Three
This reference is an analysis of precedent-setting legal cases written by Michael Reed, an expert attorney involved in maritime delimitation for almost four decades.

Social Science Series

"Introduction to Stakeholder Participation"
Coastal managers can use this publication to learn important principles and commonly used techniques for engaging stakeholders in coastal resource management.

"Introduction to Survey Design and Delivery"
This document provides insight into the various types of survey methods and techniques used by coastal resource managers.

Natural resource management agencies contributed the content in, an Internet-based guide to using social science to address coastal resource management issues.

Social Science Methods for Marine Areas
This site provides managers of marine protected areas with basic information about social science methods and ways to use social science to meet their goals.

Social Science Wheel
This innovate tool introduces coastal professionals to social science basics and directs users to places where they can learn more.

Applying Social Science to Coastal Management
Links to social science tools, methods, and training opportunities of interest to those who manage the nation’s coastal resources can be found at this site.

Remote Sensing Series

A Roadmap to a Seamless Topobathy Surface (Roadmap)
This series of documents and maps seeks to improve and streamline the process of creating a seamless topobathy digital elevation model.

Coastal Remote Sensing
This publication provides basic information about remote sensing technology and illustrates how it is used to address coastal issues.

Guidance for Benthic Habitat Mapping
This publication includes resources and procedures used to develop reliable benthic habitat information.

Remote Sensing for Coastal Management
Managers will find guidance on this website on selecting, obtaining, and using remotely sensed data.

Hazards Series

"HURREVAC: A Quick Reference Guide"
This brochure provides instructions on how to use HURREVAC, a tool used by emergency managers to map predicted inland flooding.

Storm Mapping Tutorial
This website explains the best way to access and use NOAA-produced storm-related data and information.

Coastal Community Resilience Guide
Coastal managers in the Pacific have learned a lot about tsunamis and hazards planning and have put this information into a guidebook for local officials.

Storm Data Resource Guide
This website points users to the time-sensitive, accurate information needed before, during, and after a storm.

Coastal Issues

Alternatives for Coastal Development
This website uses a site in coastal Georgia to examine the pros and cons of various development options in terms of cost and environmental and social impacts.

Beach Nourishment: A Guide for Local Officials
The website provides information on all aspects of the nourishment process, and the focus is on the beaches of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

Coastal Ecosystem Restoration
A systematic approach to restoration, featuring five basic components, is offered through this website.

Coastal Geospastial Information: Examples of Internet Resources
This website provides links to coast-related data, training resources, and metadata from a variety of sources.