Additional Resources in the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress's General Collections and Rare Book and Special Collections Division contain other first-person accounts, as well as many other resources, about early California history. After consulting works included in "California as I Saw It," readers who are able to come to the Library, or to other major research libraries, might wish to look at titles such as those on the list below. Some of these are first editions of works included in the collection, but which were not themselves included for technical reasons.

Adams, Emma Hildreth. To and fro in southern California. With sketches in Arizona and New Mexico. By Emma H. Adams ... Cincinnati, W.M.B.C. press, 1887. LC CALL NUMBER: F867 .A2

Austin, Mary Hunter. The lands of the sun, by Mary Austin. Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin company, 1927. LC CALL NUMBER: F866.A932

Bancroft, Hubert Howe. Literary industries. San Francisco, The Literary company, 1890. LC CALL NUMBER: F851 .B22 vol. 34

Bell, Horace. On the old west coast; being further reminiscences of a ranger, Major Horace Bell. Edited by Lanier Bartlett. New York, W. Morrow & co., 1930. LC CALL NUMBER: F867 .B435

Bell, Katherine M. Den. Swinging the censer; reminiscences of old Santa Barbara, by Katherine M. Bell; compiled by Katherine Bell Cheney. Santa Barbara, Calif., 1931. LC CALL NUMBER: F869.S45 B35

Bigler, Henry William. Chronicle of the West; the conquest of California, discovery of gold, and Mormon settlement, as reflected in Henry William Bigler's diaries, by Erwin G. Gudde. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1962. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .B55 1962

Brown, James Stephens. California gold; an authentic history of the first find, with the names of those interested in the discovery. Published by the author, James S. Brown ... Oakland, Cal., Pacific press publishing company, 1894. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.B89 (Rare Bk Coll)

Bruff, Joseph Goldsborough. Gold rush; the journals, drawings, and other papers of J. Goldsborough Bruff, captain, Washington city and California mining association, April 2, 1849-July 20, 1851. Edited by Georgia Willis Read and Ruth Gaines. With a foreword by F.W. Hodge ... New York, Columbia university press, 1944. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .B9

Bryant, Edwin. What I saw in California: being the journal of a tour, by the emigrant route and South Pass of the Rocky Mountains, across the continent of North America, the great desert basin, and through California, in the years 1846, 1847 ... By Edwin Bryant ... New York, Philadelphia, D. Appleton & company; G.S. Appleton, 1848. LC CALL NUMBER: F864 .B8

Canfield, Chauncey de Leon. The diary of a forty-niner, edited by Chauncey L. Canfield. New York, San Francisco, M. Shepard company, 1906. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.C22 (Rare Bk Coll)

Carr, John. Pioneer days in California; by John Carr. Historical and personal sketches. Eureka, Cal., Times publishing company, 1891. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .C31

Churchill, Caroline M. Nichols. Over the purple hills: or, Sketches of travel in California of important points usually visited by tourists. By Caroline M. Churchill ... Chicago, Hazlitt & Reed, printers, 1877. LC CALL NUMBER: F866 .C56 1877

[Clark, Austin]. Reminiscences of travel. By the author. [Middletown, Conn., J.S. Stewart, printer, 1897?] LC CALL NUMBER: F865.C585 (Rare Bk Coll)

Colton, Walter. Glances into California. Introd. by Edwin Corle. Los Angeles, G. Dawson, 1955. LC CALL NUMBER: F856 .E174 vol. 29

Dana, Richard Henry. Two years before the mast. A personal narrative, by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company [pref. 1869] LC CALL NUMBER: G540.D2 1869a

Delano, Alonzo. Life on the plains and among the diggings; being scenes and adventures of an overland journey to California: with particular incidents of the route, mistakes and sufferings of the emigrants, the Indian tribes, the present and the future of the great West. By A. Delano. Auburn, Buffalo, Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1854. LC CALL NUMBER: F593 .D33

[Delano, Alonzo]. Old Block's sketch-book; or, Tales of California life. Illustrated with numerous elegant designs, by Nahl, the Cruikshank of California. Sacramento, J. Anthony & co., 1856. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .D32 (Rare Bk Coll)

[Delano, Alonzo]. Pen knife sketches; or, Chips of the old block. A series of original illustrated letters, written by one of California's pioneer miners, and dedicated to that class of her citizens by the author. Sacramento, Published at the Union office, 1853. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.D33 (Rare Bk Coll)

[Denison, Bill]. The letter of a '49er; now first printed from the original with foreword by Oscar Wegelin . New York, Priv. print., 1919. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.D39

Derbec, Etienne. A French journalist in the California gold rush; the letters of Etienne Derbec. Edited by A.P. Nasatir. Georgetown, Calif., Talisman Press, 1964. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .D45

Dexter, A. Hersey. Early days in California; by A. Hersey Dexter ... [Denver, Col., Tribune-Republican press] 1886. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .D5 (Rare Bk Coll)

Eccleston, Robert. The Mariposa Indian War, 1850-1851; diaries of Robert Eccleston: the California gold rush, Yosemite, and the High Sierra. Edited by C. Gregory Crampton. Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, 1957. LC CALL NUMBER: E83.84 .E3

Eno, Henry. Twenty years on the Pacific Slope; letters of Henry Eno from California and Nevada, 1848-1871. Edited and with an introd. by W. Turrentine Jackson. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1965. LC CALL NUMBER: F868.A35 E5

Folsom, Joseph Libbey. A letter of Captain J.L. Folsom reporting on conditions in California in 1848. From the original in the collection of Thos. W. Norris. Livermore, Calif., T.W. Norris, 1944. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .F72 (Rare Bk Coll)

Foss, Daniel. A journal of the shipwreck and sufferings of Daniel Foss, (a native of Elkton, Maryland). Who was the only person saved from on board the brig Negociator, of Philadelphia, which foundered in the Pacific Ocean, on the 26th Nov. 1809 -- and who lived five years on a small barren island -- during which time he subsisted on seals, and never saw the face of any human creature ... Boston--Printed for N. Coverly, jr.--1816. New York, Reprinted, W. Abbatt, 1914. LC CALL NUMBER: E173 .M24 no. 28

Foster, George G. The gold regions of California: being a succinct description of the geography, history, topography, and general features of California: including ... the gold regions of that fortunate country. Prepared from official documents and other authentic sources. Ed. by G.G. Foster. New York, Dewitt & Davenport, 1848. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .F74 (Rare Bk Coll)

Gaer, Joseph. An alphabetical index to California illustrated, by John M. Letts; including also copies of the title page, note to the reader, table of contents, and biographical material on the author. Joseph Gaer, editor ... [n.p.,1935] LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .L651 (Rare Bk Coll)

Gaer, Joseph. Index ... Eldorado; or, Adventures in the path of empire; comprising a voyage to California, via Panama: life in San Francisco and Monterey: pictures of the gold region, and experiences of Mexican travel. By Bayard Taylor ... 8th ed. New York, George P. Putnam & co. ... London, Richard Bentley, 1857. Joseph Gaer, editor ... [n.p.,1935] LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .T242

Gaer, Joseph. Index ... Personal adventures in Upper and Lower California in 1848-1849; with the author's experience at the mines ... By William Redmond Ryan ... London, William Shobert ... 1851. Joseph Gaer, editor. [n.p.,1935] LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .R962

Gay, Frederick A. Sketches of California. An account of the life, manners and customs of the inhabitants. Its history, climate, soil, productions, &c. By Frederick A Gay ... Also interesting information in relation to the canchalagua, a California plant of rare medicinal virtues. [New York, 1848] LC CALL NUMBER: F864 .G25 (Rare Bk Coll)

Gill, William. California letters of William Gill, written in 1850 to his wife, Harriet Tarleton in Kentucky; edited by Eva Turner Clark ... New York, Downs printing company, 1922. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.G47

Grimshaw, William Robinson. Grimshaw's narrative, being the story of life and events in California during flush times, particularly the years 1848-1850. Including a biographical sketch. Written for the Bancroft Library in 1872. Edited, with pref. & notes, by J.R.K. Kantor. [Sacramento? Calif.] Sacramento Book Collectors Club, 1964. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .G75 1964

Griswold, Norman W. Beauties of California. Copyright 1883, by N.W. Griswold. Including big trees, Yosemite Valley, geysers, Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake, S.F. '49 & '83 ... San Francisco, H.S. Crocker & co., 1883. LC CALL NUMBER: F866 .G85

Halsey, Mina Deane. A tenderfoot in southern California. New York : Printed for the author by J. J. Little & Ives co., 1908. LC CALL NUMBER: F867 .H18

Harris, Benjamin Butler. The Gila trail: the Texas Argonauts and the California gold rush. Edited and annotated by Richard H. Dillon. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press [1960] LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .H177

Hill, Jasper Smith. The letters of a young miner, covering the adventures of Jasper S. Hill during the California goldrush, 1849-1852. Edited, with an introd. and notes, by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. San Francisco, J. Howell-Books, 1964. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .H5

[Huntley, Henry Veel]. Adventures in California. Its gold fields, and its inhabitants. By the author of "Seven years on the slave coast of Africa," "Peregrine Scramble," &c ... [London] Dean and son [etc.,185-?] LC CALL NUMBER: F865.H95

Hutchings, James Mason. Scenes of wonder and curiosity in California. Illustrated by ninety-two ... engravings ... By J.M. Hutchings ... San Francisco, Hutchings & Rosenfield [c1860] LC CALL NUMBER: F864 .H91

James, G[eorge] Wharton. The H.M.M.B.A. in California, by G. Wharton James ... Pasadena, Cal., G.W. James, 1896. LC CALL NUMBER: F866.J28

[Kells, Charles E.]. California, from its discovery by the Spaniards, to the present time, with a brief description of the gold region, its present position; together with a few hints to "gold hunters," and a guide to those about to visit that country. By a traveller. New York,1848. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .K25 (Rare Bk Coll)

Kelly, William. A stroll through the diggings of California.By William Kelly, esq. London, Simms and M'Intyre, 1852. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .K29

King, Clarence. Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada. By Clarence King ... Boston, J.R. Osgood and company, 1872. LC CALL NUMBER: F868.S5 K5 (Rare Bk Coll)

[Kip, Leonard]. California sketches, with recollections of the gold mines. Albany, E.H. Pease & co., 1850. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.K57 (Rare Bk Coll)

Kneeland, Samuel. The wonders of the Yosemite Valley, and of California. [By] Prof. Samuel Kneeland ... With original photographic illustrations, by John P. Soule. Boston, A. Moore, 1871. LC CALL NUMBER: F868.Y6 K6

[Le Conte, Joseph]. A journal of ramblings through the high Sierras of California by the "University excursion party." San Francisco, Francis & Valentine, 1875. LC CALL NUMBER: F868.S5L4 (Rare Bk Coll)

[Letts, John M.]. California illustrated; including a description of the Panama and Nicaragua routes.By a returned Californian. New York, W. Holdredge, 1852. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .L65 (Rare Bk Coll)

Mast, Isaac. The gun, rod and saddle; or, Nine months in California. By Rev. Isaac Mast, A.M. Philadelphia, Methodist Episcopal book and publishing house, 1875. LC CALL NUMBER: F866.M42

McGowan, Edward. Narrative of Edward McGowan, including a full account of the author's adventures and perils while persecuted by the San Francisco vigilance committee of 1856 ... San Francisco, The author, 1857. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .M162 (Rare Bk Coll)

M'Collum, William S. California as I saw it ... Pencillings by the way of its gold and gold diggers! And incidents of travel by land and water. By William S. M'Collum ... Buffalo, G.H. Derby & co., 1850. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .M14 (Rare Bk Coll)

Morse, Cora A. Yosemite as I saw it ... Oakland, Cal., The Outlook [1896] LC CALL NUMBER: F868.Y6 M8

Newmark, Harris. Sixty years in Southern California, 1853-1913, containing the reminiscences of Harris Newmark, edited by Maurice H. Newmark [and] Marco R. Newmark ... with 150 illustrations. New York, The Knickerbocker press, 1916. LC CALL NUMBER: F869.L8N48 (Rare Bk Coll)

Nidever, George. The life and adventures of George Nidever<1802-1883>edited by William Henry Ellison. Berkeley, Calif., University of California press, 1937. LC CALL NUMBER: F867 .N623

Nordhoff, Charles. California: for health, pleasure, and residence. A book for travellers and settlers. By Charles Nordhoff ... New York, Harper & brothers, 1872. LC CALL NUMBER: F866 .N82

Notes on California and the placers: how to get there, and what to do afterwards. By one who has been there. New-York, H. Long & brother, 1850. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.N91 (Rare Bk Coll)

PÇrez Rosales, Vicente. California adventure, tr. from the original Spanish, with an introd. by Edwin S. Morby and Arturo Torres-R°oseco, from the 19th century Chilean classic Recuerdos del pasado. With decorations by Albert J. Camille. San Francisco, Book Club of California, 1947. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .P432

Pigman, Walter Griffith. The journal of Walter Griffith Pigman, edited by Ulla Staley Fawkes. Mexico, Mo., W.G. Staley, 1942. LC CALL NUMBER: F593 .P62

Reid, Hugo. The Indians of Los Angeles County [by] Hugo Reid. Los Angeles, Priv. print., 1926. LC CALL NUMBER: E99.G15R32

Royce, Sarah Bayliss. A frontier lady; recollections of the gold rush and early California, by Sarah Royce; with a foreword by Katharine Royce; edited by Ralph Henry Gabriel ... New Haven, London, Yale university press; H. Milford, Oxford university press, 1932. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .R86

Russailh, Albert Benard de. Last adventure; San Francisco in 1851. Translated from the original journal of Albert Benard de Russailh by Clarkson Crane. San Francisco, Westgate Press, 1931. LC CALL NUMBER: F869.S3 R8 (Rare Bk Coll)

Scamehorn, Howard Lee. The Buckeye rovers in the gold rush; an edition of two diaries, edited with an introd. by Howard L. Scamehorn. Athens, Ohio University Press, 1965. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .S28

Sherman, William Tecumseh. The California gold fields in 1848; two letters. [n.p.,1964] LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .S5478 (Rare Bk Coll)

Sherwood, J. Ely. California: her wealth and resources; with many interesting facts respecting the climate and people; the official and other correspondence of the day, relating to the gold region; Colonel Mason's report, and all that part of the President's message having reference to the country in which these vast discoveries have been made; also, a memorial offered in Congress, in relation to the proposed railroad to the Pacific Ocean. By J. Ely Sherwood ... New York, G.F. Nesbitt, printer, 1848. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.S55 (Rare Bk Coll)

Simpson, Henry I. The emigrant's guide to the gold mines. Three weeks in the gold mines, or Adventures with the gold diggers of California in August, 1848. Together with advice to emigrants with full instructions upon the best method of getting there, living expenses, etc., etc., and a complete description of the country, with a map and illustrations. By Henry I. Simpson, of the New York volunteers. New York, Joyce and co., 1848. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .S6 (Rare Bk Coll)

Starr, Jeremiah. A California adventure and vision. Prose and poetry. By Jeremiah Starr. Cincinnati, 1864. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .S817 (Rare Bk Coll)

Steele, John. In camp and cabin. Mining life and adventure, in California during 1850 and later. By Rev. John Steele ... Lodi, Wis., J. Steele, c1901. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.S819 (Rare Bk Coll)

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Silverado journal [edited by] John E. Jordan. San Francisco, Book Club of California, 1954. LC CALL NUMBER: F866 .S82 (Rare Bk Coll)

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Silverado squatters. London, Chatto and Windus, 1883. LC CALL NUMBER: F866 .S84 (Rare Bk Coll)

Street, Franklin. California in 1850, compared with what it was in 1849, with a glimpse at its future destiny. Also a concise description of the overland route, from the Missouri River, by the South Pass, to Sacramento city, including a table of distances, from point to point. With notes on the facilities along the route for constructing a railroad. And also a brief notice of the water route, by the isthmts of Panama. By Franklin Street. Cincinnati, R.E. Edwards & co., Louisville, 1851. LC CALL NUMBER: F864.S74 (Rare Bk Coll)

Sutter, John Augustus. Memorial of John A. Sutter to the Senate and House of representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled. Washington, D.C., Printed at the office of the "Washington sentinel," 1876. LC CALL NUMBER: F865.S93

Tyson, Philip T[homas]. Geology and industrial resources of California: by Philip T. Tyson. To which is added, the official reports of Genls. Persifer F. Smith and B. Riley--including the reports of Lieuts. Talbot, Ord, Derby and Williamson, of their explorations in California and Oregon; and also of their examinations of routes for rail road communication eastward from those countries. Baltimore,W. Minifie & co., 1851. LC CALL NUMBER: F864.T9

Ward, Samuel. Sam Ward in the gold rush, ed. by Carvel Collins. Stanford, Stanford Univ. Press [1949] LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .W35

Weston, Silas. Four months in the mines of California: or, Life in the mountains. By S. Weston ... Providence, B.T. Albro, printer, 1854. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .W53

Wierzbicki, Felix Paul. California as it is, and as it may be, or, A guide to the gold region. By F.P. Wierzbicki ... San Francisco, Printed by W. Bartlett, 1849. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .W64 (Rare Bk Coll)

Wilkey, Walter. Western emigration. Narrative of a tour to, & one year's residence in "Edensburgh," (Illinois,) by Major Walter Wilkey [pseud.] an honest yeoman of Mooseboro', state of Maine. A more humorsome and interesting "Traveller's guide to the West," was never before published, and by which it will be perceived that the famous "Maine-pine-swamp speculation" has been completely out-done! ... New-York, G. Claiborne, and others, 1839. New York, Reprinted, W. Abbatt, 1914. LC CALL NUMBER: E173 .M24 no. 28

Willcox, R. N. Reminiscences. Of California life. Being an abridged description of scenes which the author has passed through in California, and other lands. With quotations from other authors. A short lecture on psychic science. An article on church and state: written by his son; R.P. Willcox. By R.N. Willcox, Avery, Ohio. [Avery] Willcox print., 1897. LC CALL NUMBER: F864 .W64

Wilson, Obed Gray. My adventures in the Sierras.By Obed G. Wilson. Franklin, O., The Editor publishing co., 1902. LC CALL NUMBER: F865 .W75 (Rare Bk Coll)

"California As I Saw It"