The Nineteenth Century in Print: Books

A Sampler Of Collection Themes

The Civil War

Slavery and Abolition



Self-Help and Self-Improvement

Travel and Westward Expansion


Small book The books included in The Nineteenth Century in Print: The Making of America in Books and Periodicals illuminate many themes central to American life in the mid- to late nineteenth century, with particular attention to social and political history, education, psychology, sociology, religion, and science and technology. In fact, almost any issue of importance in mid-nineteenth-century American life is represented in some form among these books. This sampler of collection themes highlights only a few of the many topics about which the collection contains particularly rich arrays of material, demonstrating how readers can use the collection to explore their own areas of special interest. Often, a single work concerns multiple topics, suggesting the ways in which the ideas and preoccupations of the time intersected and influenced each other.

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