The majority of production work on this collection was performed by the National Digital Library Program (NDLP) team working with the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division (M/B/RS) collections: Karen C. Lund, Marc Dudley, Marco Samayoa, and Hussein Hassan. Their thanks are extended to other individuals listed below whose work and support made this presentation possible.

The original idea for this presentation was conceived by Gene DeAnna.

Selection of films was made by Karen C. Lund and Hussein Hassan.

Preparation of films and edit lists for production work was performed by Marco Samayoa.

Marc Dudley monitored vendor performance. Dudley and Samayoa conducted quality review of digital files.

The framework was researched and written by Karen C. Lund.

Catalog records were created by Antoinette O'Bryant. In the case of films from the George Kleine Collection, these were revised from records previously existing in the Library's holdings database.

The Web design for this collection was done by Tracey Salley.

Text was edited by Emily Lind Baker and Jurretta Jordan Heckscher. Rachel I. Howard helped with the final review.

Thanks go to the following individuals for their assistance: David Francis, Chief of M/B/RS; Patrick Loughney, Head of Moving Image Section, M/B/RS; Ken Weissman and his staff at the LC Motion Picture Conservation Center in Dayton, Ohio; Nancy Eichacker; Melissa Levine; David Woodward, Sally Arason, Liz Madden, Martha Anderson, Andrew Lisowski, Ken Carpenter, Tom McCready; Carl Fleischauer; Danna Bell-Russell; the staff of the MBRS recording laboratory; and the staff of Roland House in Arlington, Virginia, and Bell Atlantic Video Services in Reston, Virginia.

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