New Research Vessel Launched

APL-UW's new vessel is designed to provide a versatile platform to test and deploy APL-UW ocean instrumentation. It represents a significant infrastructure upgrade that buoys the Laboratory's core strength of fielding observational programs at sea.   More >>

New NANOOS Web Portal

NANOOS is the Pacific Northwest ocean observing system regional association of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). Check out the new portal that creates customized information and tools for Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.   More >>

Seaglider Licensed by iRobot

The company has secured rights to the AUV's technology with an agreement through UW Tech Transfer. iRobot will commercialize the long-range, long-endurance ocean-observing Seaglider.   More >>

Japan/East Sea Data Archive

The Japan/East Sea exhibits many of the dynamical and biological features found in larger oceans, including deep water formation, subduction, boundary inputs, fronts, eddies, and biological zonation. The Office of Naval Research sponsored an intensive observation and modeling program that explored the sea's physical, chemical, and biological systems. The program's data products, published papers, and reports are now accumulated and presented through one user interface.   JES Data Archive >>

Seminars are scheduled throughout the academic year and are focused on topics within the Laboratory's areas of research — polar science, ocean physics and engineering, acoustical and remote sensing, and medical and industrial ultrasound.

No seminars are scheduled at this time, but check this space for updates.


9 October
Roadmap for the Start-Up
Pete Higgins
Second Avenue Partners

16 October
The Founding Team
Ralph Derrickson

23 October
Making the Transition from Research to Start-Up
Amber Ratcliffe & Pierre Mourad
Nanostring Technologies & APL-UW, UW Neurosurgery, Ultreo

30 October
Product Positioning (is it a technology, feature, product or company?)
James Robarts & Harvey Hauschildt
EB Company & InstruMed

6 November
10 Reasons Why Early-Stage Companies Fail
Geoff Entress
Madrona Ventures

13 November
Case Studies: Dynamics of Entrepreneurship at the UW
Vikram Jandhyala & Buddy Ratner
UW EE, Physware & UW BioE, Healionics

20 November
Sources of Funding (boostrapping, angels, VCs, strategic partners)
Trevor Moody & Jens Quistgaard
Frazier Health Ventures & LipoSonix

4 December
Getting Started (equity, legal entity, resources on campus)
Gordon Empey, Connie Bourassa-Shaw & Fred B. Holt
HellerEhrman, UW CIE & UW TechTransfer

Arctic ice melting near record levels
Northwest Cable News, 9/17/2008

North Pole ever closer to having no ice
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 9/16/2008

Low levels of Arctic sea ice signal global warming's advance
McClatchy Newspapers, 9/9/2008

Robots explore the ocean's depths
MSNBC, 9/9/2008

Shallow Water Acoustics Conference

The conference is organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, APL-UW, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. It will convene in Shanghai, China, in spring 2009.

More >>

UW Environmental Innovation Challenge

APL-UW is teaming with the Center for Entrepreneurship in the UW Business School to launch the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge. Interdisciplinary student teams will compete to develop solutions to a specific problem of environmental significance. The 2008–2009 theme is WATER and the grand prize is $10K.

More >>

Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Collaborative Research Group at APL-UW

APL-UW hosted an international team of scientists for a two-day workshop to explore the question: Is there an internal wave continuum in the ocean?

More >>

The Regional Scale Nodes Project

This project of the National Science Foundation's Ocean Observatories Initiative will extend continuous high-bandwidth communications and power to a network of instruments widely distributed across, above, and below the seafloor in the northeast Pacific Ocean.

Seafloor laboratory sites scouted

UW to develop specification for large ocean observatory

Coastal/global awards dovetail with proposed $130 million ocean observatory
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