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"Many girls had and kept a sense of humor. All was not fun, however, and heartache was not relegated to men only. There were 'Dear Jane' as well as 'Dear John' letters." Interview, 8:01

   Marie Brand Voltzke
Image of Marie Brand Voltzke
Marie Brand Voltzke in full dress uniform Washington D.C. in September 1945
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: WAVES (Navy Women's Reserve)
Unit: US Naval Communication Intelligence
Service Location: Naval Training Station, Stillwater, Oklahoma; RS NYD and US Naval Base, Washington, DC
Place of Birth: Wolf Summit, WV
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Many young women emigrate from small towns to work in the Nation's Capital, but Marie Brand's story has the extra dimension of being set in wartime. From Hepzibah, West Virginia, Marie journeyed to Washington in 1943 after she enlisted in the WAVES. Her new home was the Naval Communications Annex, where she and 4,000 other women worked in three shifts round the clock. There was time off to explore the big city, and Marie took it all in - the monuments, museums, restaurants, and concerts.

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On leave in New York and other spots outside the capital. (01:29) The advantages of being stationed in Washington, D.C. (01:14) Still unaware of what her work involved. (00:39)
Working conditions at her office in Washington. (01:07) Strict training conditions. (00:44) 
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Commendation Award Notification Letter Office Memo Announcing Advancement in Rate [02/19/44] Thank You Letter from The Secretary Of The Navy [11/21/45]
Job Description and Evaluation Boot School Marching Songs 
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  May 29, 2007
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