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"I think the most important thing I learned [in the Navy] is that I'm as good as anybody." (Video Interview, 16:53)

   Augustus Prince
Image of Augustus Prince
Augustus Prince, 1944
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: Navy
Unit: USS Santee
Service Location: Hawaii; Guam (Mariana Islands); Philippines; Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands); Okinawa Island (Ryukyu Islands); Formosa; Japan
Highest Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
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It was a small moment in a brief military career in a world war filled with large and momentous events. But sixty years after it happened, Gus Prince clearly recalled his being accepted as a radar man aboard the USS Santee, knowing in retrospect what that acceptance meant to him, a young black man struggling for respect in a largely segregated Navy.

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Mother's stress on education. (00:54) Joining the Navy when opportunities for minorities were expanding; becoming the first black radarman; getting his first break. (05:22) Life aboard the Santee; integrating the sleeping quarters; teaching other radarmen; preparing for the invasion of Japan. (06:23)
Lessons from his service; life after the Navy. (02:53)  
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  May 29, 2007
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