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"This is what hell is like. In my mind I imagined the devil himself coming up out of the ground." (Video Interview, Part II, 27:26)

   James Frank Dorris, Jr.
Image of James Frank Dorris, Jr.
James Dorris, 2003
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: Army
Unit: Company A, 222nd Regiment, 42nd Division (Rainbow)
Service Location: Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia (induction); Fort McClellan, Alabama (basic training); Fargo, North Dakota; Marseilles and Ingelheim, France; Germany; Austria
Highest Rank: Private First Class
Place of Birth: Chattanooga, TN
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James Dorris came late to the European Theater in World War II, but he wasn't spared one of the most horrifying experiences that any American soldier had in that conflict. He and his unit landed in southern France late in 1944 and were in a captured chateau on the Rhine River by New Year's Eve. But in the spring of 1945, they were assigned to liberate the concentration camp at Dachau, an experience for which none of them was prepared.

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Primitive and dangerous conditions upon landing in France. (03:59) New Year's Eve exchange of gunfire; first encounters with enemy; cat and mouse games in the snow. (08:21) A tearful encounter with a bottle of schnapps. (01:02)
Attacked by a sniper who got four buddies; off the line for 10 days with an injury; training himself to be vigilant on patrol. (05:07) Liberating Dachau. (07:55) A gift from a prisoner. (02:11)
An accidental wound right before V-E Day; losing his most precious souvenir. (-01:-00)  
Home » James Frank Dorris, Jr.
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  May 29, 2007
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