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"Five bombs fell, each evenly spaced, and had there been sixth, I wouldn't be typing this story." (Memoir)

   Robert A. Huttemeyer
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Lt. (J.G.) Bob Huttemeyer U.S.N.R. Plymouth, England, January 1944. [detail]
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: Navy
Unit: USS LST 379 (Landing Ship Tank), Amphibious Forces
Service Location: Mediterranean; Normandy, France; Central Pacific; Philippines
Highest Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Place of Birth: Jersey City, NJ
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Brooklyn-born Robert Huttemeyer followed the advice of his father, a veteran of World War I, by choosing the Navy ("they feed you and you sleep in a clean dry bed") over the Army when he enlisted to serve in World War II. He got into an officers' program and on D-Day he was commanding an LST that was flagship of her group. Not only did he deliver American troops to the beach, but in the next few days, he ferried Canadian and British officers, including General Bernard Montgomery, to and from shipboard conferences.

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