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"I always wondered what kind of a feeling it would be to think you are a goner; but I found I wasn't excited, or afraid, or felt any unusual emotion." (October 3, 1943 letter, quoted in article, "Lt. Delores Buckley gave the girls hysterics...")

   Ruth Deloris Buckley
Image of Ruth Deloris Buckley
Ruth Deloris Buckley, Paris, 1945
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: Army Nurse Corps
Unit: 95th Evacuation Hospital, 5th Army
Service Location: North Africa; Italy; France; Germany; United States
Highest Rank: Captain
Place of Birth: Prescott, WI
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Deloris Buckley always seemed to be in the center of the action wherever she went as a nurse working in the European Theater of World War II. On the way from Africa to Italy, her ship was sunk by a German bomber who ignored the giant red crosses painted on the vessel's side and deck. Buckley and her fellow nurses took to the lifeboats and were picked up by a British destroyer. On a beach in Italy, another bomber dropped his payload in an effort to avoid a pursuing plane, and Buckley was severely wounded by shrapnel. After convalescing, she went right back into the fray, finishing out her service in the relative calm of liberated France.

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»Public Relations broadcast of interview with Ruth Buckley and other nurses [May 4, 1944]  (4 min.)
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Transcript of World War II-era interview with Ruth Buckley Newsclipping: "Lt. Delores Buckley of Waverly loses clothing but saves life in sinking in Mediterranean" Newsclipping: "Lt. Delores Buckley gave the girls hysterics when she came aboard"
Newsclipping: "Wounded nurses yearn for front" [Wednesday, May 17, 1944] Newsclipping: "23 killed in bombing of American hospital" Newsclipping: "Lt. Buckley wounded when Huns bomb the hospital"
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