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"The man who appreciates freedom the most is the free man who has become a slave." (Memoir)

   James A. Mulligan, Jr.
Image of James A. Mulligan, Jr.
Captain Jim Mulligan, USS Enterprise, Off Vietnam, Yankee Station, 1965 [detail]
War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975; World War II, 1939-1946; Korean War, 1950-1955
Branch: Navy
Unit: USS Enterprise (CV 6), Navy Aviator
Service Location: Vietnam; also: Korea
Highest Rank: Captain
POW: Yes
Place of Birth: Lawrence, MA
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James Mulligan, Jr.'s memoir offers an astounding amount of detail on the 2522 days he spent as a captive of North Vietnam, after his plane was shot down in March 1966. Mulligan called himself a memory bank for the other POWs, memorizing names and details about over 400 of them, which he mentally reviewed three times every day. "We were in terrible straits," he recalled, "but the mutual support we gave each other...tied us together in an iron-like chain of resistance." Mulligan made a point of giving his captors false information and shunned their attempts to "educate" him on the error of his ways, even if it meant foregoing better treatment.

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Home » James A. Mulligan, Jr.
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  May 29, 2007
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